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  1. Engine Discussion
    Hello forum! This is my first post on here so please excuse my lack of knowledge, I recently purchased a 1986 Honda CB450SC Nighthawk! It needed a new head gasket and a Helicoil repair on one of the head bolts. I did these repairs following a Clymer manual and the instructions for installing the...
  2. Manuals
    Hi everybody, I am new to the forum, and I have seen some posts about moderators whom can help getting the original factory service manual. However most of these moderator profile's are from years ago and seem to be inactive at the moment. I was hoping there would be someone who could help me...
  3. Manuals and Technical Documents
    Anyone have the FSM for a 1984 450sc? New to the forum. Thanks!
  4. Manuals and Technical Documents
    Hey Y'all. Looking to start work on my project bike: 1980 CM200T 'Twinstar' but can't find a decent FSM or pdf. manual on it. Hoping that some of you have something! This is my first bike and my ultimate goal is to repair, maintain and learn to ride on this beauty! Thanks y'all! MB '80 CM200T...
  5. Manuals and Technical Documents
    Hello All, Would anyone out there have the FSM for an 83 cb450sc? I'm having some electrical issues and I don't trust Clymer well enough to help me sort them out. He's already been wrong a few times which led to the incorrect purchase of a drive chain and two sets of broken valve cover...
1-5 of 5 Results