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  1. Pop Out Dents in a Motorcycle Gas Tank

    Pictures and Videos
    A tutorial how to pop out dents in a motorcycle gas tank without special tools. DIY Paintless dent repair. Try this before spending big money on repainting your bike, cause original paint is really cool and I think original paint is worth more. In this video, I will use an old inner tube I was...
  2. Simple paintless gas tank dent repair, no special tools.

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Here is a simple way to pop out dents in your gas tank without repainting. Save your original paint! Works most of the time. Try this before sanding, bondo and painting. Its worth a try.
  3. CL350 Clutch Issue

    Engine Discussion
    Hey guys! So I followed every single step on different threads on adjusting the clutch and I was able to fix my popping issue, but I have a problem because the clutch doesn't ever disengage. I can put it into first and neutral without any lever engagement. I tested it by pulling in the clutch...
  4. Prepping tank to weld pinhole(or another method?)?

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    I was doing a rust removing treatment which created a pinhole on the bottom right of my tank. I have J&B weld to patch up the hole but i know its not smart to have any trace of gas in the tank before heating it or dealing with an open flame. I read in another forum that rinsing with hot water...
  5. Call me crazy but...

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    I feel as if this is immensely over complicated, so my apologies in advance if this seems overly simple to you guys... DOES..OR DOES NOT...a hydraulic/disk break system have a cable that connects the lever to the break!? During a few repairs 3 months ago my local mechanic said he tightened my...
  6. Unintrusive Preventative Care and Maintenance Tips?

    Engine Discussion
    OK so- I would like to know some tips any of you have to keep a bike in better shape without taking anything apart. For example user "frogman79" advised in a previous post to clear out the carbs before parking by just turning off the fuel a block away from home, something I had never...
  7. One cylinder sputtering

    Engine Discussion
    I recently got a '78 CB400 and it's been running a little jenky since day one. I've cleaned the carbs, did a quick oil change and slapped some new shorty's on there (I figured the back-pressure loss might be to blame as it was straight pipes when I got it) but it sounds as if the left cylinder...