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  1. 1979 cm400t speedometer

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hello! I just bought my first bike, a 1979 cm400t, and the only major problem with the bike is the speedo has been busted and does not work, the cable does still spin the gauge just spins around. I'm wanting to replace the speedo but I really don't know what I should get, I'm looking for any...
  2. 1980 cm200t shifting mechanism HELP

    Engine Discussion
    I have a 1980 cm200t and it's my first bike. The bike would not go into 3rd or 4th. I opened up the side and took the clutch and oil pump/filter out to reveal the shift plate stop, and the shift stopper and realized the shift drum stopper was coming off the track when shifting. Replaced the...
  3. Honda Cm200t

    Off Topic
    Hello everyone im new here and I was wondering if this honda Cm200t is worth buying? Its for sale at £180/$230 but im sure I can easily haggle this down to £150. Thanks and all help about this type of bike would be appreciated:)
  4. Advice on Honda CB for restoration

    Non-Model Specific Honda Twin Topics
    Hi all I'm new to the forum, I'm looking for any advice on the Honda CB models. I have been looking for a model to restore to stock condition but I can't decide. I have never ridden a bike or worked on one but i am a diy car enthusiast, I have pretty much fallen in love with restoring a CB and...
  5. Hello from Wisconsin

    Member Introductions
    Greetings from Wisconsin. My birthday was last week and I got a pretty sweet birthday present... my first motorcycle... a 1981 Honda Twinstar CM200T. I am excited to enter the world that motorcycle riding opens up and to learn all about my new motorbike!
  6. 1980 CM400T to Cafe Racer. First Bike, First project.

    Project Logs
    Hello all, I am new to the forum but have been viewing it for the past few weeks. I have just purchased a beautiful 1980 CM400T which I intend to turn into a cafe racer (more for the style than the performance). My intended modifications are: Drag handlebars, pods (I know they don't offer this...
  7. Should I buy this bike?

    Member Introductions
    I'm looking for my 1st ride and have fallen in love with vintage small-displacement bikes. I found a '71 cb175 for $1300 that needs new tires and a new chain and sprockets. The new chain and sprockets are included in the price but I'll have to put them on myself. Any advice would be greatly...
  8. '71 cb350 new: rectifier, condeser and points - no power past coils/condeser

    Electrical Discussion
    Back story: When I bought the bike the points cover was off and previous owner had coated the inside of the cover with black tar like goo. She said it wouldn't run with the cover on so rode it around with if off. Cleaned the cover and tried running it with it on. Big back fire and stall...
  9. First bike, first project

    Project Logs
    Just bought an 81 CM400 from doofus in gathersburg. ( you can read about it in the introductions forum, called "the cobobulation of a doofus") I brought it home and then decided where I should start first. The carbs. I took off the tank and the seat. Looked at the stupid pods took those off then...
  10. The cobobulation of a doofus

    Member Introductions
    I recently bought my first bike a 1981 CM400C from some doofus in gaithersburg MD, this guy was not the sharpest anything in the anyplace. I saw his ad on CL and saw this bike screaming for help. He, because he is a mooran, decided to make it a cafe racer because "hey, it gets the bitches"...