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  1. Engine Discussion
    I've posted this once before but as there was no response I've concluded that I'm either extremely uninteresting, this has been answered before (I cannot find it), or I just chose a poor time to post and it was buried under other posts. I have 2 questions: 1. What do the different numbers on...
  2. Engine Discussion
    I have a 72 CL350K4, and the original camshaft and rockers were pretty worn. I purchased a donor motor from a 69 CB350K0 and that motor came with a "fat cam" in it. The rockers and camshaft are in better condition so it want to use them. Will this cause any issues, and I will be also using CB...
  3. Engine Discussion
    Everyone on here is so helpful and knowledgeable so I'm hoping someone can provide me with some assistance with this issue. I am doing a complete motor rebuild for a 1970 CB350. I have the bottom end back together but when I attempt to assemble the top end I am having issues where I can not get...
1-3 of 3 Results