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  1. CL175 - Fuel leaking out from exhaust

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hello, I am reviving a 1971 CL175 that was not running and was COVERED with rust when I got it. It had been left out, uncovered, on the coast for 3 years. Once I resolved some of the electrical issues that were preventing it from starting, I was able to get it running. This gave me confidence to...
  2. CB450K0 compatibility with K1 exhaust.

    Engine Discussion
    Hey. I'm progressing along in my 1966 CB450K0 restoration and am working on fitting the K1 one piece exhaust pipes that I have. The stock rear mounting brackets from the K0 match the exhaust studs for the K1, but do not extend far enough forward to align with the passenger footpeg mounting...
  3. 74 Honda CB350 Twin Idle Issue

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hi everyone! So I'm just going to jump right in. I've recently bought a 1970 Honda SL350 K0 that has a 74 Honda CB350 Twin motor. The bike idles great at around 1,100 just sitting in the drive way and on a quick trip around the block. But when you ride it for a longer period of time it starts...
  4. CL72 on a CM185

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    I’m looking for a new exhaust for my Cm185t and while I looked into the overpriced option of buying a used one seems they fetch crazy money. I did find some reasonably priced cl72 exhausts that look to be a similar fit does anyone know if they’ll mount up straight? I’m fine with making brackets.
  5. Help IDing CL360 (?) pipes

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    Are these actually off of a CL360 as advertised? I can't find any info or images of a 2 into 1 muffler like this, and I'm hesitant to spend this kind of money if I can't confirm fit. Thanks...
  6. Muffler Modification/Center Stand Issue (CB450T Hawk)

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hello! Newer rider here hoping for some modification advice/suggestions I am looking into swapping my large cone mufflers with something a little smaller and louder as well. One issue I have noticed is that the center stand rests against the current mufflers when in its stowed position. With...
  7. Wanted: Clutch - Clutch Cable Interface

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    I need a few parts for my cb450. It would be great if someone out there had them; if not, could anyone point me in the right direction? I need: -front sprocket cover -Clutch lifter -adjuster -lever spring -fixing piece -cable joint and also exhaust headers and mufflers. I can't find them...
  8. Aftermarket exhaust causes backfire

    Engine Discussion
    Theory only on cm400t.... I'm running aftermarket baffled exhaust pipes, dual.... I'm running pods and jetting carbs 125 and 90. The bike runs good for age, with a little hiccup in top-end 2nd and 3rd gear, but cruises well in 4th and takes the juice without a problem. The hiccups are minor and...
  9. CL350 Exhaust problems with aftermarket rear suspension

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    First time poster but I've been reading for a couple months now. I recently bought a CL350 pictured here and as you can see it didn't come with the stock pipes on it. The exhaust it came with was too loud and low to the ground so I leaped at the chance to pick up a set of stock pipes on...
  10. How to remove a Frozen Broken Exhaust Stud

    Pictures and Videos
    To remove a Frozen Broken Exhaust Stud on an old motorcycle can be challenging to say the least. I'll show you the hack I use to get this one out of a 1972 Honda CL350 twin without taking the engine out of the bike. It's a tough one, cause it's really stuck.
  11. Best Exhaust

    Engine Discussion
    Hey, I have recently purchased a 1978 CB400T Frame and engine and its missing the exhaust. I live in Australia and these things mega rare and parts are even harder to get. What other bikes exhaust will fit on this thing? I am happy to customize a bracket for it, but when it comes to Exhausts...
  12. exhaust mufflers from early cb450 and wanted left side muffler for 1968 cb50

    Parts For Sale
    Have a very good right and left muffler for a early I guess a black bomber cb450. I am working on a 1968 cb450 for someone and it only has the right side correct muffler but in the spare parrts there is a pair right and left muffler for an earrlier model. The earlier mufflers have a ear to mount...
  13. Hooker 2 to 1 exhaust on CB360

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hi everyone, I just picked up this '75 CB360 a few weeks ago. Still trying to figure out if it'll be a restoration or a brat build. But anyway, it's got an exhaust on it that I can't find info about anywhere... it's a 2 to 1 Hooker exhaust. Does anyone know if this is worth keeping on the...
  14. Remove a Frozen Broken Exhaust Stud

    Engine Discussion
    To remove a Frozen Broken Exhaust Stud on an old motorcycle can be challenging to say the least. I'll show you the hack I use to get this one out of a 1972 Honda CL350 twin without taking the engine out of the bike. It's a tough one, cause it's really stuck.
  15. 1982 Cm250c exhaust baffles

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Does any body know how to take the exhaust baffles out of an 82 cm250c end of the muffler looks like this: My dad thought that those little round things might be really dirty alan head screws and after trying that for lack of any better idea they are decidedly rivits, I did a little looking on...
  16. 1975 Honda Cl360 Smoke Problems

    Engine Discussion
    Hey all I'm new here to the community as over the past weekend I purchased a 1975 Honda Cl360. When I purchased the bike it was in good mechanical order expect for a couple electrical issues that I have competently diagnosed and fixed over the past couple days. I noticed, however, that during...
  17. Exhaust heder pipes - what else fits a CB77?

    Engine Discussion
    Are there other models that will fit a 305? My project came without pipes or retainer rings and there's a moto junk yard here locally that I thought I'd scrounge around at if I knew what to look for.
  18. C350 exhaust question, drain tube

    Engine Discussion
    Howdy all, Was going to start working on my 1973 cb350 again soon. A couple of years ago, I bought I really nice set of scrambler pipes (HM318's) from Carnivorous Chicken. The only thing wrong with them was the little drain tube on the right muffler was broke off. The hole is the size of the...
  19. CL350: Deliberate exhaust vents ?!?!?!?

    Non-Model Specific Honda Twin Topics
    For a few months my wife has complained that her left pantleg smells like exhaust when she rides on the back of my 1970 CL350. Doggone if she ain't right - I could feel two places where exhaust is puffing out. So I remove the pipes today (with an expectation of repair). But instead I find...
  20. 68 CL450 Scrambler tailpipe installation

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Just to be clear, I mean the six inch lower tailpipe that installs on the back of the lower muffler. I found a NOS tailpipe which the original parts list indicates is the right part for the bike. The covers for the tailpipe are correct for the year, so I have to assume that the mufflers they...