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exhaust pipes

  1. Exhaust & Re-jetting

    Engine Discussion
    Hi All, first and foremost I am new to the forum as well as new to the bike community. I was lucky enough to pick up a mint 81 CM400 with decent miles as a starter bike. Now my background comes from Cars, not much knowledge of Motorcycles which I have no problem learning. Now onto the real...
  2. seeking quiet exhaust for '74 CB360

    Engine Discussion
    Hey guys. Looking for some help from you seasoned pros here! I just got my 1974 CB360 (my first bike!) last spring. I knew very little about bikes at the time but virtually everything that could go wrong with the bike did, so I've been learning fast! Just saying I'm a bit of a n00b :confused: so...
  3. CL77 and CL350 Parts Interchangeability

    Engine Discussion
    Our 1967 CL77 has an odd custom exhaust that splits left and right tracing about the route of the original exhaust EXCEPT that it does so on both sides. I'll try to ost a pic or 2 of what we currently have. We're interested in getting it back to a more stock configureation and see that CL350...