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  1. 69’ CL350 basket case.

    Engine Discussion
    First post, been lurking for a few weeks. To make a long story as short as possible - I bought this bike for a couple hundred bucks. Decided I could make it my project. I’ve done basic work on bikes for years but this is my first time opening up an engine. So bare with me. Apparently this bike...
  2. Unknown spacer

    Engine Discussion
    Hey everyone New guy here. I've been working on my first build (cb350k0). I finally got the engine back together when I found this little dude on my bench. I have no idea where it goes. Can anyone here help me identify this piece? It's super thin.
  3. '93 Honda XR250 - Bike dies when I put it in 1st gear

    Other Bikes
    Howdy fellow wrenches (wrenchers? Wrenchees?), I'm having a little issue as I'm putting my '93 XR250 back together. The first mistake I made was not labeling three wires that leave the alternator and go to the regulator. The manual says they should be different colors but for whatever reason, on...
  4. Riding with Justice, Test Drive his CB450

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Justice gets his 1972 Honda CB450 put back together after some serious engine problems and technical difficulties. He can't wait to take it for a Test Drive on a cold spring day.
  5. Get This Damn Thing on the Road Already!!

    Project Logs
    Alright, I need to get a log started before I loose track of what I'm going to be doing so here goes! But first a little history, Last 4th of July I picked myself up a fair condition 1973 CB450 k5 for 500 smacka'roos! Got the thing home and tinkered with it a but and got it to run! and that's...
  6. Rebuilding a freshly rebuild CB360

    Engine Discussion
    I paid a local shop to do some top end work on my CB360. They installed the cam chain tensioner wrong (prove it amirite?!) The tensioner snapped both the metal tabs on top and bottom off and are currently floating around in my engine. I'll be rebuilding the engine myself this time, but I'm...
  7. Engine rebuild or replace?

    Mechanical Issues
    Completely restored my 1972 CL350K-4 and got about 1000 miles out of it then it blew a hole in a piston. I have a "modern mechanic" who is willing to try to repair and trouble shoot but at what cost. I think I'd be better of finding a completely rebuilt engine and just replace it. Any...
  8. First time engine work - help, I'm scared. (cm400t)

    Engine Discussion
    I'm doing my very first bike tear-down and build on a bike that a buddy of mine practically gave me. So, I decided that I want to try to do as much as I possibly can on this bike by myself over the next few years in order to teach myself and have fun. Engines have always intimidated me, but I...
  9. Best Exhaust

    Engine Discussion
    Hey, I have recently purchased a 1978 CB400T Frame and engine and its missing the exhaust. I live in Australia and these things mega rare and parts are even harder to get. What other bikes exhaust will fit on this thing? I am happy to customize a bracket for it, but when it comes to Exhausts...
  10. Honda CM 400 T, wont crank the engine

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello everybody I have a Honda cm 400 t, and it worked just fine the other day as i was riding around my hometown. However when i wanted to adjust the valves, so that i wouldt click as much i broke one of the bolts. This meant that me and my friend had get to the the remaining part of the bolt...
  11. CL350 Choke doesn't stay off while riding

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Has anyone had issues with their stock 71 cl350 choke turning on(lever up) while riding? I guess its not a huge deal, but it is irritating losing power every 3 minutes because the vibration just moves the lever up on its own and i have to bring it back down every time while i ride. Is there any...
  12. Spark Plug Fouling Questions

    Engine Discussion
    What do you guys think about this plug? They both look exactly the same, but I'm not completely sure if this means I'm running lean or rich. Thanks for any help.
  13. 71 CL350 no spark!!

    Engine Discussion
    I'll start by saying that i have new coils, PAMCO ignition, brand new battery, plugs are several months old, and rebuilt the carbs. Okay, now to the issue. So i was riding one day and all of a sudden i get a loss of power because it started running on one cylinder. i thought it was the carbs at...
  14. Interesting issue with engine turning over

    Engine Discussion
    Hey, So I have an interesting issue with my CB400TII 1978. After the bike has been sitting for a few days it will have trouble starting. I could run the starter motor a good amount of time and ill get nothing. However, when I take out one of the spark plugs and hold it to the engine to check...
  15. Having throttle and engine ticking noise [video]

    Engine Discussion
    Can anyone help me out? I don't know if this is just me hearing things, but I feel like the throttle is staying for a little after it snaps back. It just sounds different than before. Also can anyone diagnose what that ticking noise is and if its dangerous to ride it. I don't want to ruin...
  16. Revs go REALLY HIGH at startup with throttle application!!

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Revs REALLY HIGH at startup without throttle application!! Hello you beautiful souls. So I recently got my cl350 running again not that it never was but changing cables and cleaning carbs, but I'm having a problem with it reving very high at start up and it never did that before. It goes up...
  17. CB450SC Engine and Carbs Located in Upstate SC

    Parts For Sale
    I have a few parts from a 1982 CB450SC parts bike for sale: -Engine: $75 -Carbs: $40 Engine is missing stator but does still have the flywheel. Carbs will need to be rebuilt. I can send (or post if needed) pics of both and will answer any questions about them. Thanks for looking!
  18. Shipping big and heavy things: motor freight to local freight depot

    Vendor Links
    I shipped a Honda VT1100 engine (300 pounds) from Pennsylvania to Alabama a few months ago. It cost only $75 because I had it sent on a pallet by Motor Freight to a local freight depot. Vendor: Central Transport Central Transport
  19. Cm400 1980 Please help ! STUCK TRANNY ???

    Engine Discussion
    Im working on a 1980 cm400 that seems to be seized somewhere in the transmission. The clutch will pull, but as soon as its in gear the whole thing will "Lock" and there is no turning the tire even with the plugs removed ! like I stated clutch will pull but the bike wont move when released. That...