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  1. Tune Up
    Hey All Does anyone know a good mechanic in the Chicago area who would be willing to teach me how to tune an engine? I would rather learn to do it myself vs paying someone to do the fine tuning ... I would be willing to pay for their time (within reason)! Thanks Bill
  2. Engine Discussion
    When dialing in the position of the camshaft on a 1971 CB350 K3, should the rotation of the engine that displays and aligns all of the indicator marks for TDC be on the same stroke that generates compression in the left cylinder, I/E the compression stroke? When turning the rotor with a spanner...
  3. Engine Discussion
    So I am trying to tune the engine on my 71 cl350, but every time I try and rotate the engine to the compression stroke it gets very loose and doesn't stay on the LT mark and shoots past it. I have to force it to stay on LT so that means I can't do a valve adjustment properly since I would have...
  4. Engine Discussion
    Hello everyone. I need to know how to tuneup CD125 Twin motorcycle engine.Value clearance Adjustment,Carb tuning,point adjustment .... and so on..Please give me some Instructions Thank you very much..This is the the bike model..
1-4 of 4 Results