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  1. 1979 cm400t rebuild won’t start

    Mechanical Issues
    Just rebuilt my 79’ cm400t got good spark on both sides, turns over great, valve clearances are good but it won’t fire up even with as much starter fluid I can put in it, got a new head gasket and about 130psi compression on the right and only like 60psi on the other, shouldn’t it still fire on...
  2. Pistons for a 1968 CL175

    Engine Discussion
    Hello Group, Any suggestions on where to find pistons for a 175cc scrambler? This is a Sloper engine. E-Bay has some on line, should I be looking for the ART brand? Many thanks. Bones Mpls
  3. 1973 CL175 Piston Replacement

    Engine Discussion
    Hello All, I have very little experience working on motors so I decided to take a running 1973 CL175 apart (I have a lot of experience being dumb). Now I need some help (Surprise!) Compression was really low, ordered .50 oversized pistons and had it bored out. Easy Peasy. I'm looking at...
  4. 1978 CB400t II Rebuild

    Engine Discussion
    Hi! I'm totally new to this world of motorcycle building/restoring. This last summer I picked up a '78 Hawk with the intent of fixing it up over the winter - alas, winter is almost over and I'm still working on the engine rebuild. Anyway, a buddy and I (both in college) intend to finish the...
  5. Advice on my 350 rebuild

    Engine Discussion
    New to the site and the bike world, very excited to get out riding in the spring but before then I have a bike that needs to be fixed up. I bought a 72 cb350 cheap and I'm looking for advice on overhauling the motor I just got it running so I know it does turn over. So the next step for me is...
  6. CM400T engine rebuild

    Engine Discussion
    I bought a 1980 CM400T engine today for $50 with the intent of learning engine work. What is the way to learn how to do it for a complete novice?
  7. Chicagoland Help!

    Tips And Tricks
    Hey guys. I need some tool networking help. I disassembled the engine on my 71 CL350, and I'm looking for a few tools that I don't have. I would rather not buy them at this point, I figure if someone is willing to share a tool I would be able to save some money, and make some new connections in...
  8. Barn-found SL350 needs some surgery

    Engine Discussion
    Hello All, I've been reading the great forum posts here for the last few months in order to educate myself. I have to say, the wealth of knowledge and experience here is amazing, and has really helped to make things easier for me so far. So thank you all for everything you share on the site...
  9. New member with cb350 problems

    Electrical Discussion
    hello everyone, Im currently working on a 1973 honda cb350, i did an almost full rebuild i stripped everything down, sanded and painted chassis, tore down engine and bored it out first size over with new pistons and piston rings and new gaskets, went through carbs and cleaned out jets, new...
  10. Newbie needs expert help!

    Engine Discussion
    Hi All, I'm new to motorcycle restorations and have been rebuilding a 1971 CD175 K4 for the past 6 months. I've ran into a few snags along the way and can't seem to get the engine running right. I've been basing my assembly on a shop manual for the earlier sloper models. Seems that when I crank...