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  1. cb350 Charging Issue

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey guys, I'm new to the page but was hoping I could get some information. I have a 1973 Honda cb350 and the battery is not charging. Bike runs pretty good, bike off battery voltage is idle 12.5v...revved 12.6 v. Battery is new Motobat from Common Motor Collective, rectifier has been...
  2. Lights only come on when I jump the Main Fuse to the other fuses with clips...

    Electrical Discussion
    The headlight, front blinkers, and rear lights all work but only when I jump the fuses. Is this a problem with the ignition switch? the ignition switch works when stopping the engine from running??? so close to finishing
  3. After some work, the lights aren’t coming on

    Electrical Discussion
    I’m very new to vintage Hondas and motorcycles in general, but have done quite a few standard maintenance procedures to my bike since I’ve gotten it. However, after putting my 1972 Honda CL350 back together today after some work, the lights aren’t coming on. I’m not sure where to start since I...
  4. Headlight and rear tail light died out

    Electrical Discussion
    Hi guys, recently purchased a 1979 CM400t. Earlier I was trying to install rear turn signals but when I was fiddling with the wiring, I noticed when I would bump the wires that connect the tail light to the rest of the wiring the tail light would go out. The previous owner wrapped the wires with...
  5. 1975 CB200T

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey all. It has been a while since I've been on here but because of this covid virus ive got an excuse to make some time to do some wrenching on my moto. Ive been working on restoring it since october 2018 and have had to take a break for the past 10 months or so. But now im back. Quite a...
  6. '93 Honda XR250 - Bike dies when I put it in 1st gear

    Other Bikes
    Howdy fellow wrenches (wrenchers? Wrenchees?), I'm having a little issue as I'm putting my '93 XR250 back together. The first mistake I made was not labeling three wires that leave the alternator and go to the regulator. The manual says they should be different colors but for whatever reason, on...
  7. CB450SC Regulator/Rectifier replacement video

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello! Got my new R/R in the mail today, and did a video of me going through the process of replacing the stock one, as well as the battery. Its a bit on the longer side, but I wanted to be thorough and document the small hiccups in the installation I went through. Hopefully at some point or...
  8. Looking For A New Stator! Honda CB Infamy.

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey everyone! I have a Honda CB400A. And lucky for me, my CDI unit went out. As you all know, the CDI units on these bikes are famous for going out. So I’m getting a new one. The only problem is that new CDI’s for this bike are incredibly hard to find. And IF you happen to stumble across one...
  9. CB360(ish) No turn signals or horn

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey there, new to bikes and forums in general. Recently got my first bike which is a '74 CB360T, I believe, that had an engine swap with the one from the '76 CL360 - the scrambler. I figured it was worth making a new post since there's a couple variables there. Right now when I turn the bike...
  10. left-hand control wiring problem

    Electrical Discussion
    hey guys, ok, so I have a 1978 cb400 hawk II that I've done some work to and after putting everything back together I see a strange problem. I replaced the left-hand controls completely, there was an electrical problem with the horn button that started a small fire in the controls. The horn...
  11. CJ360T hard tail project

    Member Introductions
    Hi All I’m Jon. I am new to Honda Twins so I appreciate this forum and all the tech tips. Bike turns over and has good compression - wiring is a joke. Three colors (red/black/white)...sometimes all three in one line!!! More tape that wire. LOL Have an Ultima harness that I’m installing this...
  12. 1972 CL350 Tail light issue

    Electrical Discussion
    Okay, The brake light works normally, but the tail light only comes on when the ignition key is all the way to the right. the attached pic shows two open wires (unconnected) running to the rear end, I don't know if that would have something to do with it. everything else electrical seems to...
  13. Anyone use smaller SLA batteries with "T2" terminals?

    Electrical Discussion
    I'm working on a cafe/tracker cb450 build and am in the process of finding a small battery. On the common motor collective website FAQ they mention you can use small SLA batteries meant for in home security type systems. But all I could find were batteries with these T2 terminals. I ended up...
  14. Spark Plug Fouling Questions

    Engine Discussion
    What do you guys think about this plug? They both look exactly the same, but I'm not completely sure if this means I'm running lean or rich. Thanks for any help.
  15. 71 CL350 no spark!!

    Engine Discussion
    I'll start by saying that i have new coils, PAMCO ignition, brand new battery, plugs are several months old, and rebuilt the carbs. Okay, now to the issue. So i was riding one day and all of a sudden i get a loss of power because it started running on one cylinder. i thought it was the carbs at...
  16. 1978 CM185T Twinstar dreaded dead battery

    Electrical Discussion
    Well, title tells it. Previous owner allowed the battery to completely die, kick started it and rode it that way for an unknown length of time. Result, every light in the house is burned out, horn no longer working and there is a serious misfire under load (when riding) with a new AGM battery...
  17. Aftermarket Tail Light Wiring

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey guys I need your help. I decided to shrink the tail light on my CB400t II using an EMGO model I'd seen somewhere on here. The problem is that the stock light has 3 wires and the new one only has 2. So I've got it wired up to flash bright for braking but I cant get the low light setting to...
  18. Aftermarket Tail Light Wiring

    Electrical Discussion
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  19. CB500T Not starting when solenoid is jumped

    Electrical Issues
    Hello, New here, I have used a similar Subaru forum to keep my old soobs on the road, hoping for the same help here. I just picked up a 75 CB500T from a friend for cheap, start switch is broken in the handlebars, I tried jumping the two lugs on the solenoid, and nothing happens, well sparks...
  20. CB350 Backfiring Trouble-Shooting

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey guys I've been messing around with my '73 CB350 for a while now and every time I more a little forward with getting the bike in running condition I seem to find a new problem. I will give the story of the this never ending battle. Bought this CB350 about 2 years ago, didn't run when I...