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electrical connection

  1. Doubts about my Honda CM 450 82 '

    Hi, I'm Juan Pablo and I'm 18 years old. I am restoring my 1982 Honda CM 450 and I have problems with the connections. From what I see it uses three yellow cables that go to the regulator, they are all in a single connector and there are 5 other cables of which I have no idea what their function...
  2. '75 CB360T Electrical Help!!

    Electrical Discussion
    Guys ... I've been rebuilding a '75 CB360T all winter and have the bike rebuilt, with the exception of the electrical system ... I have been studying the wiring diagrams (actually sometimes wondering if I am looking at the right one!) ... and am running into a couple of perplexing problems. I'll...
  3. 69 CL 350, front brake cable

    Non-Model Specific Honda Twin Topics
    I have 2 Cl 350 and 1 CB 350 and a CL 350 parts bike. I think the parts bike (sn 1059218) is a 1969. On the front brake cable it has electrical wires coming out of the middle of the casing that run to the headlight bowl. What in the hell would they be? An electrical connection triggered by...