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  1. CM400 Ignition stopped working after spark plug wire disconnected while running

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey Guys so I was working on my CM400 and having issues with the right cylinder not firing. While I was messing with it the spark plug wire came disconnected and the engine died. I have power to the lights but when I push the electric start button there is absolutely nothing. I pllled the...
  2. 1980 honda hawk 400t. lights/turn signals work, starter switch not working

    Electrical Discussion
    hi! i'm new to this forum, and i've been searching through lots of posts to see if i could figure this out without re-posting, so sorry if it's already been talked about. i have a 1980 honda hawk 400t. its a project bike, so right now i'm just concentrating on figuring out if the engine is...
  3. CB160 electric start problems

    Electrical Discussion
    Hi, I am new here and fairly new to motorcycles in general. I am hoping to finish my 2 year long project of rebuilding my 1968 CB160. Most of the wiring inside the headlight to the handlebars was chewed up by mice before I bought it. I've soldered new wire from the electric start back through...