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  1. Electrical Discussion
    Hey Guys! New here. Bought this awesome '74 CB450 a few months back here in Atlanta and haven't gotten her going yet. Replaced a bunch of things like the battery and the coils and condensers etc. I get every single thing in the electrical system to work except the spark plugs. I think it may...
  2. Electrical Discussion
    I recently changed the battery on my newly acquired 1975 cb500t and I noticed smoke coming from an electrical connector. I've since identified the source as the rectifier/regulator, but while searching I saw this little box dangling down under the electrical compartment. Any idea what it could be?
  3. Electrical Issues
    Hey all new to the forum but glad to be here, I got a 78 Cb400T hawk the other day in great condition, everything was working fine. Two weeks later my battery dies, the thing doesn’t run at all and I replace it ( I’m using lithium ion because the person I got it from stripped everything and...
  4. Electrical Discussion
    I just bought an old 1982 450 nighthawk. It was in great condition for its age and runs but I have an issue with the ignition that makes it pretty much unridable. The key needs to be held in just the right way to get it running. I figured the best and fastest way to deal with it would be just...
  5. Electrical Discussion
    Hey, I'm new to this and this seemed like a decent post to start with. I recently picked up a 76 cb360T that I'm in the process of restoring and my turn signals are toast. I was wondering if any of you guys had some experience with cheap aftermarket turn signals. another thing I'm considering...
  6. Electrical Discussion
    I bought a CL175 this summer. The bike ran well with no problems, but after being away for a couple weeks I went to start the bike and nothing... No lights would even turn on. I went first and fully charged the battery. (I did this out of my shed with the battery still fully connected to the...
  7. Electrical Discussion
    Hello, so i was having sparking issues on the left side and noticed the leads were fried so i replaced both coils with new caps and spark plugs. The weird thing is that after i installed them they were both giving spark and that was awesome, but when I went back the next day to go for a ride, I...
  8. Electrical Discussion
    Hi Guys I'd like to know if anyone has had experience with fitting an old school Nippon Seiki Speedo (from an older honda model) on a 1979 Honda CB400N/T? Im really close to buying one because I think they are the most beautiful speedometers I've ever seen.. Thanks! Magel
  9. Project Logs
    So I picked up a 1980 CM400T for very very cheap. I plan to get it running right and bob it. After cleaning the plugs I was luck enough to get it compression started, though as expected, it ran poorly. I plan to clean and re-tune the carbs tonight, but there are a couple of problems I'm not sure...
1-9 of 9 Results