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  1. 1982 cb450 ignition switch

    Electrical Discussion
    I just bought an old 1982 450 nighthawk. It was in great condition for its age and runs but I have an issue with the ignition that makes it pretty much unridable. The key needs to be held in just the right way to get it running. I figured the best and fastest way to deal with it would be just...
  2. Aftermarket Turn signals?

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey, I'm new to this and this seemed like a decent post to start with. I recently picked up a 76 cb360T that I'm in the process of restoring and my turn signals are toast. I was wondering if any of you guys had some experience with cheap aftermarket turn signals. another thing I'm considering...
  3. CL175 No Electronics On

    Electrical Discussion
    I bought a CL175 this summer. The bike ran well with no problems, but after being away for a couple weeks I went to start the bike and nothing... No lights would even turn on. I went first and fully charged the battery. (I did this out of my shed with the battery still fully connected to the...
  4. No spark on right side with new coils

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello, so i was having sparking issues on the left side and noticed the leads were fried so i replaced both coils with new caps and spark plugs. The weird thing is that after i installed them they were both giving spark and that was awesome, but when I went back the next day to go for a ride, I...
  5. Vintage 1975 Nippon Seiki Speedo on CB400N/T?

    Electrical Discussion
    Hi Guys I'd like to know if anyone has had experience with fitting an old school Nippon Seiki Speedo (from an older honda model) on a 1979 Honda CB400N/T? Im really close to buying one because I think they are the most beautiful speedometers I've ever seen.. Thanks! Magel
  6. CM400T--First fire-up in 9 years.... Help please

    Project Logs
    So I picked up a 1980 CM400T for very very cheap. I plan to get it running right and bob it. After cleaning the plugs I was luck enough to get it compression started, though as expected, it ran poorly. I plan to clean and re-tune the carbs tonight, but there are a couple of problems I'm not sure...