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  1. Advise on making side cover stickers?

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    ive recently repainted my side covers black with a matte black rubberized spray, but after 2 months its starting to wear away from friction from my legs on both sides, and now these bald spots are getting bigger by the week. I was already planning on putting reflective stickers on the bike...
  2. CJ360T Side Cover Decals Available

    Parts For Sale
    Howdy! :) As part of the process of restoring my CJ360T I had some side cover decals made up. I have a few left over and I thought there might some other CJ owners here might be interested in these. Here's some pictures of the decal. The first one is the reproduction next to an original, the...
  3. WANTED: Good quality photos of 1982 CM450A or C side panel/cover decals

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Hi there, So I've added a 1982 CM450A Hondamatic in candy muse red to my collection. The motorcycle in excellent shape cosmetically, except for the side panels, which were poorly repainted at some point in their lifetime. And they're missing the decals. None of the decal shops that specialize...