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  1. CB450 and CB500t Parts

    Parts For Sale
    I have a few CB450 and CB500T parts for sale. All prices are OBO, plus shipping. I have more pictures of each of the parts. Email or PM me and I can get you more pictures. [email protected] 1972 CB450 Carbs: They were pulled of a non running bike (engine was locked up.) So I have never had...
  2. '78 CB400t Cylinder Bore

    Engine Discussion
    Hey everyone! I'm taking the cylinders, head, and pistons/rings from my '78 CB400t to a machine shop to get them checked out before I rebuild the engine. I have the Clymer manual, but I want to make 100% sure that the specs listed in it are accurate. We all know how Cylmers can be...:rolleyes...
  3. To bore or not to bore?

    Engine Discussion
    Continuing on with my CB 350 project. Engine teardown is in progress. The top end is more or less in pieces and its time to decide what to do with the jugs. I had the great fortune to have the cylinders measured up by our very helpful QC guy and his faro arm after work today. Both are right on...
  4. Get new cylinders or bore the old ones?

    Engine Discussion
    Hey guys, I haven't posted in a while but I've been lurking in preparation for the top end rebuild of my 1980 CB400T. When I got the bike running last summer, I knew it had plenty of blowby but I got a good year out of it until now, when I figured it would be a good time to freshen it up. The...
  5. Ongoing top end issues

    Engine Discussion
    I've been avoiding going through the top end on a '73 cb350 twin whos left cylinder has glossed over with oil and burning white smoke. The right side runs like new but the left (from using the side stand most likley) is no bueno no mass. This tells me that the rings aren't wiping right and...