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  1. Member Introductions
    Well, I'm new to the site I guess. I have a few bikes. As far as Honda twins go, I have a 1971 CB450 that I need to get back together, just lost motivation. I recently purchased a 1973 CL350, which is fun for around town. It ran poorly when I purchased. All I did was adjust the valves, swap...
  2. Bikes and Parts For sale
    Hey all, I bit the bullet and picked up a bike in the dark off CL here in MKE. It's a titled 1982 Honda GL500. Definitely sat for a while, but would be happy to supply parts to whoever need em. Let me know. Email, Call or text me for best response time. 41for .53O .9two5ate...
  3. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    In the middle of a resto and the tank was too corroded to salvage. Need to find a replacement but it seems to be more difficult to find than anticipated.
  4. Non-Parallel Honda Twins
    Hi All, New to the forum and world of Honda so my apologies if I'm in the wrong place with this query! I have just taken ownership of a 1978 CX500 that had been barn built and slightly bastardised, of which i intend to put right and turn the ugly duckling into a thing of beauty. Took it for...
  5. Bikes For Sale
    Hello all, just picked up a 1978 CX500 with ownership [Canadian bike and ownership]. All I really wanted was the tank off of it, but the pricing was too good to let it go. Thought about it a bit more and because we have a ton of project bikes underway, I really just don’t have the space to hold...
1-5 of 5 Results