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  1. Project CB250 G5 - Scrambler/ adventure build

    Project Logs
    I bought my little Honda back in 2012, and started a budget custom build but for one reason and another it got left in the wayside. I got this far and then changed my mind on the build... This was as far as I got and how it stayed up until about a month ago. Original project log here...
  2. Need help with steering bearing for my custom build

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    I bought this project bike that came with a girder front end. The title says its a 72 Honda CB360 even though it has cl350 motor on it. The diameter of the girder shaft is 7/8" all the way down. I can't find a steering bearing that fits both the outer diameter of the stock honda neck and also...
  3. Taylor's 1982 CB450sc Build

    Project Logs
    Ok, first post for this thread. Here we go. Got the bike Spring 2017. Didn't run when I got it, figured out some electrical issues, cleaned the carbs, tried a new battery, replaced some fuses, and thanks to the folks here, got it idling roughly. The whole plan for getting this bike was to do a...
  4. 82 CM450c rehab: sludgy forks and mystery washers

    Project Logs
    Feeling a bit discouraged/intimidated by all work yet to be done, so thought I would post a re-cap of everything that's been worked on the last month or so I've had the bike. So first things first, new battery, new spark plugs (old ones were BLACK), drained the old gas, added seafoam into the...
  5. Hello from Nova Scotia

    Member Introductions
    Hi all, Happy to have found this forum! I expect I'll frequent it as I navigate the unique challenges of owning an old bike! Here's mine, a 1972 Honda CB450. Fellow Canucks...I'll be interested to learn where your source parts this side of the border. Exchange is killer ;-)
  6. CM400 Tune-Up/Revitalization: Project "Tin Man"

    Project Logs
    Hey everyone! Finally had some time to pull my bike into the shop and start working on it! While I was washing the mud off of the bike, I discovered the frame of the bike actually belonged to a 1980 400E, but the engine onboard has a tach cable hookup, so I would assume the engine at one point...
  7. New CM400 owner shout out!

    Member Introductions
    Hey dudes! Excited to be on the forum and to get tips on my 1980 CM400 cafe build. I live in San Francisco and my primary bike is 2010 Triumph Thruxton, but I have been itching to have a project for the spring. I found a nice CM up in Napa for $1000 with 12k on the clock. It was mechanic-owned...
  8. CB360T Custom Build

    Project Logs
    So this bike will take the next 8 to 12 months to build so please be patient with me. The plan is to do a Toothless build for my wife. So with that in mind let the fun begin!! So I wanted to post this up so I have it up here the day that I purchased her for the fair price of $400. The...
  9. Found a 1974 CB450 - Is this a good buy?

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hello everyone! I am new to this forum but have been using the Honda VTX forum for several years now. VTX Owners Association I have been looking for a vintage bike for a while to customize and came across a 1974 Honda CB450 the other day but was wondering if it's a good purchase or not. Here is...
  10. My 1981 CM400 Custom Medicycle

    Pictures and Videos
    I've been riding the living hell out of this thing since I got it. Here is a video of me taking her up to Big Trees, CA Work Done: New Tires New wheel bearings New Clutch and Springs Oil / Filter New Chain and 17T Sprocket Intake Boots Carbs Sync'd Tuned carb's idle circuits with a...
  11. '76 CB360 Build

    Project Logs
    Hi Guys, (sorry this post is so long) I have read this forum for the last few months after I bought my '76 CB360 last summer and finally decided to join. Let me give you a little background on the project and then I have a few questions. So, my name is Josh and I currently a Sophomore in...
  12. CB400N rebuild/customization

    Project Logs
    Hi there! Firstly I am pretty new to customizing motorbikes. I used to work on my Ducati Monster 620 a lot and got into the mood of actually building/customizing something myself. A few days ago I bought a 1979 Honda CB400N. It was standing in a shed for quite a while and I want to totally take...
  13. 1973 CB350G - Canadian Noob Build (Gotta start somewhere!)

    Project Logs
    We've all been there. A new endeavor. Something unfamiliar yet you're ready to face the challenge. So I will try to keep these posts short and concise and right off the bat will say how glad I am to have found this forum. I've been kicking around on here since mid summer of 2014 because I've...
  14. CM450 Pilot Screw replacement?

    Engine Discussion
    Hi Everyone, I've got a 1982 CM450 that I'm slowly turning into a Café racer for when I can ride it next year. I have an issue with the carbs where one of the mixture screws is missing. It's got the Keihin VB22 carbs. I've done quite a lot of research and I can't seem to find anywhere where...
  15. '75 CB360 Project Bike

    Project Logs
    Just wanted to introduce myself to the Honda Twins community along with my current project bike! This is Joe here, unfortunately I don't have pics of the bike before I already started some work on it. I did purchase it running. It did not have a seat that fit on the bike (you'll see the pics...