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  1. Black Bomber Crankshaft

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hi all, My bomber needs a new crankshaft, and it seems to be a huge pita to find! I posted on the looking for parts sub already, but I was wondering if anyone here might know where i could try to look for one, as ebay seems to be fairly thin right now. If only the later crankshaft could fit my...
  2. CB450 K0 crankshaft

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Hi all, I am in need of a 1966 cb450 k0 (black bomber) crankshaft assembly, which seems to be a pita to find:eek: only one I found so far was running $1,375 on ebay. A bit too much for me! Hoping someone here might have one or know someone or even where I could be looking for one! Many thanks, B
  3. Name That Sound - Bottom End Isuue on my 1965 CB160?

    Engine Discussion
    Well, this morning's ride yielded an interesting turn of events. While idling I discovered the attached sound that appears to be coming from the bottom end and makes a pulsing / cycling sound My first thought was something crank related but it remains relatively constant even at higher speeds...
  4. CB400T Mystery Part

    Engine Discussion
    Hey all! So, I'm installing the crankshaft in my '78 CB400T. Got back together up to the main bearing cap, but I have a part left over (terrifying, I know). I don't remember where it's from, can't find it on any of the exploded parts diagrams, and don't see a place where it would fit. I'm...
  5. '78 CB400T Big End Bearings

    Engine Discussion
    Hey all! I need to get the crankshaft and connecting rods of my 1978 CB400T ground/resized. However, I have heard that Honda only made standard sized big end bearings, so if there is ever any damage to the conrods or crank, the parts would need to be replaced. Is this true? If not, where could...
  6. Flat spot on my crankshaft...

    Engine Discussion
    CB200 engine gurus...attention please. Removed rotor due to starter clutch not engaging and found plastic washer / seal debris in rollers and bronze metal contamination that looked to be from the starter sprocket bush, cleaned out - works fine. When I replaced the sprocket and rotor assembly I...
  7. Cb200 Bigend replace?

    Engine Discussion
    Hi, I need advice. I got fed up with my Cb200 sounding like tin of nail was attatched to the wheel, so have taken the top off. All looks to be within spec except the left (port) bigend has maybe half a mm of up and down slack. Sideways checked ok with a feeler gauge is to the book. The book...