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  1. Tips And Tricks
    Looking for some advice on restoring my 72 CL350 crank cases. I'm not going for a polished look, just some tips on getting these things looking new. Chemicals? wire wheel? Appreciate any help
  2. Engine Discussion
    If you couldn't tell from the title, my 400 keeps locking up. Here's the history. I bought the bike from a friend who maintained it pretty well. However, it had a nasty leak coming from the countershaft seal that made an awful stink, so I went to replace it. I'd read the method where one uses...
  3. Engine Discussion
    Hi everyone, I picked up an old Honda Cl175 with 7k miles from a guy in town about 2 years ago in running condition. The individual said it was a barn find and had an issue with the clutch as the first gear would slip in and out and make a clicking sound. It didn't seem like it was a huge issue...
  4. Engine Discussion
    Hey there. I'm putting my transmission and crank case back together and have a part that I cannot identify. I can't seem to find it in diagrams. In the attached pic, I'm holding it near the shaft where the starter sprocket attaches. It seems like it fits here and would be held by a set ring, but...
  5. Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hi everyone, I have a 73 cb350t with a bit of an oil leak (cb350 and oil leak may or may not be redundant). I rode it through the summer occasionally topping off the oil between changes, but a family friend has offered to give me a hand splitting the crank case to replace the gasket and see if...
  6. Engine Discussion
    Hello! I'm having trouble getting the crank case apart on my CB450 K3 and I'm looking for a little advice. I am certain that I have all the bolts out but I can't get it to split open. It appears to be the original seal holding it together. I've been smacking away at it but also don't want to...
1-6 of 6 Results