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  1. Oil Leak Tach cover Non Cable side CB350

    Engine Discussion
    Good afternoon, I recently rebuilt the engine after changing the shifter drum and everything started ok but my biggest fear was realized, there was a significant oil leak coming from the tach cover on the left side (not cable side). I changed the gasket twice and can not torque the bolts...
  2. Wanted: left side cover 1981 CM400C good, original condition

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    I know this is a bit of a longshot, but I'm giving it a go. I've got a 1981 CM400 Custom, midnight blue with lighter blue inset color. When I bought it the left side cover was just the darker blue/no decal. I'm putting it out there that I'm looking for a left side cover *with* the decal. I know...
  3. 1982 Honda CM450C left engine cover cracked, gear shifter bent up.

    Engine Discussion
    Hi, I am a new rider and this is my first bike. All was going well until I hit a pothole on a left turn last week and laid the bike down. The left side got pretty messed up and I am hoping I can fix it. The problem is I am no mechanic. Currently the bike runs and drives. Also it can get up into...
  4. What did I screw up now?

    Engine Discussion
    Howdy! Hope my bike is okay on this forum. Its a 99 shadow vlx 600. So my choke has been stuck closed for awhile. I'm convinced the cable is good but the jam lies in the carb. Point aside, the bike runs and starts great...except the weather's getting cold now. So I had the bright idea to take...