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  1. Bike noob getting 1974 cb450 to run (please help)

    Project Logs
    I've recently acquired a 1974 honda cb450 with 11k original miles. I don't know how long it has been sitting, but I am wanting to get it to run again. I figured I should make a thread in project logs since I'm going to be asking so many questions, and I'd rather not have to post tons of new...
  2. 1974 cb450 help: engine oil

    Engine Discussion
    Hey everyone, I'm a complete noob when it comes to bikes, but I've recieved a 1974 cb450 that I'm trying to get running again. The first thing I did was check the engine oil, because I don't want to be kicking on the bike testing compression without oil. However I don't know how to read the...
  3. 81' CM200T Compression / Valve Issue

    Engine Discussion
    Recently acquired a 1981 CM200T with 2,600mi that has sat in indoor storage and hadn’t been started since 1989. Initially the bike would not turn over, but after a few days of soaking the cylinders/top end in penetrating oil she freed up. Next steps included: • Replaced both plugs (NGK...
  4. 1978 Cb400TII Not Reaching Top Speed

    Engine Discussion
    Hey guys, I have a 1978 Cb400TII that I've been working on trying to get it tuned up after it was given to me by a family member. The bike has 24K miles on it and has not been sitting so any long period of time, it was used pretty regularly before I had it. The engine runs well by my...
  5. Engine not staying on compression stroke. HELP!!

    Engine Discussion
    So I am trying to tune the engine on my 71 cl350, but every time I try and rotate the engine to the compression stroke it gets very loose and doesn't stay on the LT mark and shoots past it. I have to force it to stay on LT so that means I can't do a valve adjustment properly since I would have...
  6. Fresh rebuild: Oil in tailpipe, low compression, no carbon in left cylinder

    Engine Discussion
    Ok. So the bike in question is a 1974 CB360. I just finished the rebuild after a catastrophic cam chain failure. I missed a step in setting the cam chain timing and had a valve hitting the piston while hand cranking. I fixed the timing before ever kicking or starting the bike, but the contact...
  7. Arrgghh Starting Clicking Noise no Compression cb450?

    Engine Discussion
    So terrible day. It started as a great one; all I needed to do was to add oil, button up some wiring, add gas, and finally start up and go for a test ride. WRONG. While going through the normal motions of starting a bike that hasn't been started in several months, after a "restore to life" on...
  8. Low compression diagnosis, next step if rings seem okay?

    Engine Discussion
    Hi. New poster. Just going through a 71 CB350-K3 making it roadworthy again. Fairly new at this but I have basic wrenching skills. Right now I'm chasing low compression in the left cylinder; the right hits 135 psi stone cold easily on the kickstarter -- and the bike ran on that cylinder when I...
  9. no power 1973 cd175 k4

    Engine Discussion
    Hey bike starts' but has no power. I have to keep throttle full open to barely get it moving. It was working fine last ride prior to this finding. Any ideas?...also, what is compression suppose to be?
  10. 1975 CB500t uneven compression. What next?

    Engine Discussion
    Hi everyone, First off I apologize if this is in the wrong section, or has already been posted, I'm a newbie. The bike has been running great since I got it earlier this summer. Recently I've experienced a loss of power (especially from stop to go) & realized one cylinder was not firing (left...
  11. Newbie needs guidance on purchasing project bike

    Engine Discussion
    Hello everyone. Novice here. I recently came across what looks to be a pretty decent bike albeit the mileage seems high,~22k, or maybe appropriate given its age. It's a '79 Honda CB400. The problem is that it currently is not running, but the owner assured me that it was running last year...
  12. New Member From West Michigan Looking for Pointers!

    Member Introductions
    Hello, My name is Spencer. I've been lurking around this forum since I picked up my first bike ('72 CB350) about a week ago. I am very happy with the condition I bought the bike in (especially for the price), it doesn't seem to have any major issues. I'm hoping you all can give me some pointers...
  13. CL350 Compression readings: what should I do?

    Engine Discussion
    Hello, I recently rebuilt the engine on my '68 CL350. I lapped valves, honed cylinders, cleaned and measured pistons and rings (didn't remove the rings as they measured to spec according to the Clymer manual). I assembled everything with a healthy amount of engine assembly grease and new...
  14. Honda CL350 rebuilt engine trouble shooting

    Engine Discussion
    I just finished putting everything back together, but my bike won't start. At least it looks better now... It will turn over fine - the engine is timed properly but something is off because I just get backfires. I am considering a few possibilities, but I would really like some alternate...
  15. Thinking about buying 1973 CL350, low compression, fair price?

    Engine Discussion
    *****1973 HONDA CL350***** I am thinking about buying the bike in the link listed above, 1973 CL350, he is asking $1800 for it, but I think i can get it for probably 1600. I says it has about 7500 miles on it, and somewhat low compression. It originally would go 100-110 mph, but is maxing out...