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  1. ‘78 Cb400t, no spark, stator issue?

    Electrical Discussion
    Hi there, So I picked up a Cb400t that hasn’t been registered for 9 years. Guy said he dumped it once because of the sticky drum brake and was too scared to drive it again. It doesn’t have a battery, so I attached an external 12v battery directly to the leads. Electric start fires, but no spark...
  2. points power problem

    Electrical Discussion
    I am having a problem with the ignition section of the wiring. Bike is an SL350 k-2, new points, condensor, and coils. When testing for power in the order of connecting the wiring power to coil is good, connections to coil/condensor is good, but when connecting the two point wires one side...
  3. CB450 Right Cylinder Firing Issues

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey Fam, I am new to the forum and fairly new to being a "bike mechanic." I recently purchased a 1968 Honda CB450 K1 and have been poking around on the forum to try to figure out a solution to a problem I am having with the right cylinder not firing. I switched the standard plugs out with NGK...
  4. My coils and spark plug caps - are they OK?

    Electrical Discussion
    My otherwise mint condition and low mileage CB360T has gotten more and more difficult to start. It has also started backfiring under load and quite often one cylinder won't fire... I'll skip all the carbrelated work I have done and would like to ask you about the coils. - Do my coils seem OK...
  5. Can't Get My CB350 Running Again.

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello there! I'm having some trouble with my bike. It was running fine and then one day she just dies on me. Its a 1973 Cb350 project that I brought with a rebuilt engine but the bike was in pieces. So I put the bike together, I had a custom wiring harness that I made out of the original, the...
  6. Ignition Coil Install

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello Errybody, Can anyone point me towards a link or thread that can walk me through how to install the ignition coil? It seems like I'd just strip the ends of the wire and connect that cap but this will be a first for me so I'd like a bit more instruction. Thanks
  7. 1973 Honda CB350 Charging system straight to the coils?

    Electrical Issues
    Hey guys! This is my first post and i bought my first bike CB350, and decided to make it a performance bike only, no lights no nothing. I was wondering if there is a no battery option. I read a few posts about bikes having battery alternators but i was wondering if it was possible to connect the...
  8. Grounding coil mount? (No spark after frame repaint/reassembly)

    Electrical Discussion
    I just finished putting back together my bike after repainting the frame and am not getting a spark. Are the coils and condenser supposed to be grounded via the mount through the frame? In other words, do I need to take the mount off and clear some paint? All other electric seems to be in...
  9. Timing seems to be way off and getting no spark

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello all, I had trouble getting spark to my plugs a while back and couldn't get my bike running. I went to town on my electrical system with a multimeter and thought I narrowed the problem down to bad ignition coils. I have since replaced those as well as the condenser and figured I might as...
  10. 1972 Honda CB350 Coil Problems

    Electrical Discussion
    So, I have been building my bike for the past year now and I finally got to the point where I can try to start it up. Bottom line: There is no spark. I grabbed my multimeter, did a few searches on the web to see what my coils should read, and pretty evident that my coils are shot. I connect my...
  11. ok newbie stupid questions after some lead up info.

    Engine Discussion
    ok, so I'm working on my wifes 68 cb 350. she bought it quite a while back and has rarely ridden it. Last year she wanted to ride it so I got it started for her and took it for a ride ran for a while and than died on her. I had a dead cell phone battery so she had to push it home a few blocks...