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  1. Coil probs?

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello, Still working on my 68 cd175. My wife says she's glad I have a hobby. I just wish I could make it run. So... I see the points sparking, I've got the timing right on. But the plugs do not make a spark when I hold em next to the block. I have new plugs. And new plug caps today. So I decided...
  2. Good coils, no spark

    Electrical Discussion
    74 cb450 k7 Hi all, I've done my share of research on the forum and I can't seem to find the answer, most likely because it is a simple question and might be common knowledge. We've got yellow, blue and black-white wires coming off the coils, and I gotta be honest, I have no smoking clue how...
  3. No Spark on Left Side - Coil Issues ? 1970 CL350

    Electrical Discussion
    Bike is a 1970 CL350 - I am not getting spark on the left side at the plug boot. I have pulled the spark plug boot and attempted to ground to the engine and confirmed no spark on left. Did same for right and confirmed right was making spark. I removed the points cover and confirmed that spark...
  4. Long time lurker, first time poster. CB450 Coil Smoking / Melted wire

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey Guys and Gals of Honda Twins. I've been reading posts for about a year now as I build my first CB450 Chopper from the ground up. Throughout the process I've always seemed to find my answer to a problem until now. Here we go, I replaced both coils and condenser, and am about 99% sure I...
  5. cb350 suddenly running on one cylinder below 3000rpm

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey all, I've been riding all month, and have had no big problems, aside from a few oil leaks from under-tightened bolts, until today. Last night, as I put my bike in my garage, I plugged in a battery tender (still haven't done the regulator/rectifier upgrade), but accidentally left the kill...
  6. new coil wiring help

    Electrical Discussion
    Just bought a new set of coils for my cb 350 twin.... To find out when they arrived they are not the same plugs on the wires.... Wondering how to wire these coils up without frying anything .... Don't wanna hook it up backwards. Please help on wiring .... The link to the coils I ordered is as...
  7. 1971 CL175 Losing Power

    Engine Discussion
    I have a 1971 Honda CL175 that I have been working on the past couple months. I've gotten to a point where I'm stumped and I need help. After the bike warms up on a ride it seems to drop to one cylinder or lose power. I can stop for a little while and start again and its fine. This led to...