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  1. New Member and New Owner of a CM450C

    Member Introductions
    Hey all, I recently bought my first bike -- a 1982 Honda CM450C -- and have been lurking in the shadows on the forums for restoration inspiration, troubleshooting, and general knowledge. I figured I'd finally join in on the fun. I love to learn and there's no better way than by getting my...
  2. Harmonic balancer removal for Cm450c

    Engine Discussion
    Hey guys, im in the process of replacing a head for my 450 engine. I have had much success in the last couple days. (Even making my own castle clutch nut socket) However im trying to find a shade tree mechanic way of getting the balancer off on the other side. Ive searched the forums and...
  3. Hello from California

    Member Introductions
    Hey y'all, there is a ton of great info on this site. I have been lurking pretty often trying to learn what I can so i decided its about time I join and get the full experience. I've been riding and wrenching on dirt bikes for years and I've always wanted to get into the street side but I cant...
  4. Here we go. 1982 Honda CM450C

    Member Introductions
    Good morning all...Greetings from Boston. A friend was moving and had already called the trash collector to come get this one. He turned it off and parked it 5 years ago under an awning and barely threw a tarp over it. But, it's now mine (Title in hand.) All the parts were there, I just...
  5. Nice Pirelli Combo for the 16x18 Tire Setup

    Tires, Wheels, and Brakes
    I found this combo for our bikes in case anyone is looking for a semi-vintage look with a modern spin.
  6. 84 CM450 signal lights not working

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello, I just picked up this bike last week ago. The lights were working and now they are not. What happens is as follows. Bike power is on and the two front marker lights are on and the two rear marker lights are off. Turn the indicator to turn right and the rear right light is bright and stays...
  7. 82 CM450c rehab: sludgy forks and mystery washers

    Project Logs
    Feeling a bit discouraged/intimidated by all work yet to be done, so thought I would post a re-cap of everything that's been worked on the last month or so I've had the bike. So first things first, new battery, new spark plugs (old ones were BLACK), drained the old gas, added seafoam into the...
  8. First motorcycle, 1982 Honda CM450c in Alberta, Canada

    Member Introductions
    I rode dirtbikes as a kid, and decided this was the summer I was going to get my motorcycle license. I knew I wanted an 80's Honda, and when I saw this 1982 Honda CM450c on Kijiji, I picked it up. It is pretty much stock parts, but generally neglected, although running. There's a lot of dings...
  9. 1982 Honda CM450C left engine cover cracked, gear shifter bent up.

    Engine Discussion
    Hi, I am a new rider and this is my first bike. All was going well until I hit a pothole on a left turn last week and laid the bike down. The left side got pretty messed up and I am hoping I can fix it. The problem is I am no mechanic. Currently the bike runs and drives. Also it can get up into...
  10. Cm450C proper Idle and carb sync

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hey everyone, I have been babying my cm450c with over 200k miles on it for the last 2 weeks because I'm afraid I'll mess it up. Today it scared me. I let it warm up for 5 minutes (I think this is the problem, help me confirm) then pushed the choke in and let it idle for a bit (few seconds...
  11. 1982 Honda CM 450 Custom - Spark Issues?

    Engine Discussion
    Hello everyone! I just recently purchased my first project bike (a 1982 Honda CM 450 C) that up until recently ran pretty well for its age. I am a novice as far as mechanics go but I am trying to stay ahead of the learning curve. I think it could be a spark problem because the bike will...
  12. '82 CM450C Rebuilt a clutch, and now it won't disengage... Reassembled incorrectly?

    Engine Discussion
    ...Just realized I had posted this in the wrong section earlier.... Whoops! Hey folks, I think I need to enlist some Honda expert help. I bought a 1982 CM450C for my girlfriend that had a broken shifter arm for a good price, and figured it would make a neat restoration project. So I get the...
  13. 82 CM450C Saddlebag Mounting Bracket?

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    Hello All! My first bike which I received as a Christmas gift 2 years ago is an '82 CM450C with a whole 2500KM on the original engine :) I'm very happy with this bike. I'm looking to add saddlebags and am a safety oriented lady. I don't wish to throw on saddlebags without some sort of...