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  1. 1982 Honda CM450E - Compatible Front Swap Questions

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    Hi guys, Firstly i'd like to apologize if this thread is redundant, I have not seen a topic addressing what i am looking for so here I go: I have a 1982 CM450E with front and rear drum brakes.Recently I hit a bump on the road and messed up my speedometer and front wheel a little, it now has a...
  2. 1983 CM450c/e/sb Piston

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Hey all, im looking for a Piston for a 1983 450. Ive searched the web and cant come up with anything. Anyone selling one? if anything i will be searching for a new 450 engine. Thanks, johnny
  3. Harmonic balancer removal for Cm450c

    Engine Discussion
    Hey guys, im in the process of replacing a head for my 450 engine. I have had much success in the last couple days. (Even making my own castle clutch nut socket) However im trying to find a shade tree mechanic way of getting the balancer off on the other side. Ive searched the forums and...
  4. New Member - 1982 CM450E

    Member Introductions
    Hi! My name is Ian, I live in Seattle. I've been riding since I was 16, and I had a Suzuki GS500 for about 10 years. I sold it when I moved to China for 2 years, and since I've been back in the US (about 5 years), I have been bike-less đŸ˜­. Well now I've finally filled the motorcycle-shaped...
  5. New Member - First Motorcycle EVER!!!

    Member Introductions
    Hi all. I'm a husband and father and have waited until Corona World to get my first bike. Not because I haven't wanted one, but because the wife finally gave me the green light ( case of the apocalypse)! I bought a 1982 Honda cm450c with only 5400 miles. It needs a few things and a tune-up...
  6. New member from CA

    Member Introductions
    Hi everyone. I'm from Santa Cruz CA and have been working on vintage Honda bikes for friends for a few years but I am a vintage Volkswagen mechanic for a living. I have finally got an old Honda of my own, an '82 CM450E. I'm joining this forum because on my bike I have some custom things that...
  7. 82 Cm450C scrambler

    Member Introductions
    Hello, I have been a long time lurker of project bikes and last year I bought one! It’s a Honda cm450c here is my progress so far! And yes it’s my first project so it’s not amazing. in the beginning: the rust was intensive over the whole bike to the point where I couldn't use the tank anymore...
  8. 82' CM450C Restoration, Don't ask why, ask why not.

    Project Logs
    Hey guys, so a few months back I purchased a 1982 Honda CM450C..Seller said it had 8000 miles on it, and he put 200 hundred on in the last two years. The bike ran like **** and looked like it as well. In fact I crashed it during the test ride, as I was going to pump air up in the tires...
  9. CM400A, CM450A air intake books (carburetor to airbox)

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Anyone find a set of compatible aftermarket air intake boots (rubber tube between carburetor and airbox) that fits either a CM400A and/or CM450A with stock carbs and airbox? Honda sold 'em with the airbox on these bikes, which means no separate part number for me to search. Apologies if this...
  10. Mufflers - 1982 CM450

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Anyone find aftermarket mufflers for their CM450 that look like OEM/stock, and aren't much louder? I know this is the opposite of what most people are doing to their CM450s... switching up muffler styles and going with something louder. I laid the bike down in an accident and scraped up/bent...
  11. Running 1982 cm250c for sale, Silverton Oregon

    Bikes and Parts For sale
    My first bike, whose research lead me here to begin with. Runs, rides, clean title, uncommon model I've had my fun with it but I want to try something else I guess it qualifies as survivor though it hasn't weathered the years unscathed I'm too lazy to make the add twice so heres a link to my...
  12. [1st-Time Novice Mechanic] 1981 Honda CM400 Revivification Thread "Thumper"

    Project Logs
    In this thread I hope to save the life of a truly dear friend. My trusty steed... my faithful companion. "Thumper," the 1981/'84 CM400/450 hybrid that I learned to ride my first miles on. That went down with me in a tangled mess time and time again as I pushed the envelope of what we - together...
  13. Wanted: 1982 CM450E Gas Tank

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Hi All, My fuel tank has a quite a few dings. Does anyone by chance have a spare one laying around? Mine is functional but for the right price I'd like to put one in better condition on the bike. Thanks!
  14. Luggage Rack Support Brackets

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    I purchased my 1982 450 Nighthawk fifteen years ago from the original owner. It came with two sets of luggage rack support brackets. One set fit my Nighthawk perfectly and the other set did not. The bracket would hit the side cover but the bolt holes lined up. I was cleaning up my shop and...
  15. WANTED: '78-'86 CB/CM 400/450 Stator

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    I desperately need to find a stator from a '78-'86 CB/CM 400/450 bike. I've been searching all of the PNW and I can't find one. If anyone knows anywhere I can get one, I'd greatly appreciate some info!
  16. '82 CM450 Cafe Racer Project

    Project Logs
    A friend sold this 1982 CM450C to me for $150. It's been years since I had been able to work on a bike. Where most saw rustbucket, I saw beauty! #CM450 #Caferacer #Vintagebike '82 Honda CM450C '79 Honda CM400E '81 Honda CM400A '16 Triumph Scrambler '80 Suzuki GS250T
  17. cm450c Backfire, sluggish in first gear

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hello all, I recently bought a cm450c, and got it running. Cleaned the carbs out, changed the spark, cleaned the petcock which was DISGUSTING!! It's running, but backfiring on acceleration, decel, and sometimes when I shift. Also, when I'm getting out of 1st gear, the bike barely moves. Then if...
  18. cm 450 signal problem

    Electrical Discussion
    signals r staying on and left rear wont work at all just makes my flasher flash really fast anyone have any idea what may be going on here?
  19. '84 CM450E Strange valve problems

    Engine Discussion
    Hi everyone, thanks for looking. I have a 1984 Honda CM450E that I bought with 39,xxx km on it and have put 12,000 km on it since. It's hardly needed anything in the way of maintenance. So far I've put a new rear tire on it, done 5 or 6 oil changes, changed out the plugs, new air filter, new...
  20. Just Bought a 1984 Honda Nighthawk 450 for $1000 - Thoughts???

    Member Introductions
    Hey all. So I just purchased my first bike for $1000 and feeling some buyers remorse. Was definitely a bit eager to buy a bike and didn't stick with my original plan. Was originally looking for a Honda CB500, CB550 to fix up and convert into a cafe racer/tracker. Really wanted one from the...