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  1. 1981 CM400T - sporadically no spark

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello, First of all sorry in advance for my bad English I'm from Germany and not really into posting on forums :) I have signed up to this forum because I have a weird issue with my Dads '81 CM400T which is really annoying and I don't know how to solve it. After pretty much standing still for...
  2. CM400T - Wrong Carb

    Engine Discussion
    Hi, I have a 1981 CM400T that I bought off of Craigslist. I have began replacing the airbox with pod filters and have come across an issue with my carburetor. the carburetor I have is not the original carb. it's actually off of a CM450E. I had, what I thought was, the right size jets to rejet...
  3. Help with throttling issue please

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Just got a 1980 cm400t. Was barely running and had sat for a long time. New coil pack, cdi box, battery, and wiring. Problem came when I rebuilt the carb and acceleration pump. After rebuilding it idles fine and at low rpms throttles fine, but if I crank the throttle back fast or hard it gets...
  4. Compatible rims/tires for 19f/18r upsize for dual sport

    Tires, Wheels, and Brakes
    First off, I'm completely new to the site and to working on Honda twins, so please bear w/ me. Anyway, I just picked up a 1979 CM400T and want to do a Tracker style build w/ some type of dual sport tire; however, I am having trouble finding many options for stock (18f, 16r) dual sport tire...
  5. Complete Noobie to Motorcycles! 1981 Honda cm400t with more than electrical issues!

    Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, I’m from Vancouver, BC Canada. Pleasure to meet you all! I just bought a 1981 Honda cm400t, it was a project bike for the past two previous owners. Which means that it has got some work that needs to be done on it. I found hondatwins while I was searching for resources to learn...
  6. Clutch lever CM400T now high gears only...

    Engine Discussion
    The bike ran fine, better than ever, I was just fine tuning and was told clutch lever shouldn't be 90 degrees off motor should be about 120 or so back from front, so i changed it as described in manual. See attached image. The bike was in neutral when I changed the lever, spring and push rod...
  7. Hi All! cm400t have carb questions

    Member Introductions
    Greetings from North California. this looks like a great group! we have another Honda two wheeler. my first motorbike ever was an sl100 turned into a dirt bike. it was almost indestructible and was what i learned respect for life, limb, speed and aerial trajectory on. it never died- -c'est...
  8. Cm400t W with Keihn Carbs spill fuel.

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    The two carbs have been rebuilt and cleaned, been rejetted slightly, and the needle slightly shimed. Per a previous post recommendation. I checked float needles. These have the plastic type float. Anyway, I left the gas line on over night and the next morning when I went out to start it i smelt...
  9. Rebuilt, Rejetted Carbs 81' CM400T

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Ive read the main sticky on rebuilding rejetting for pods, 125 and 90s.... and followed it to the T; less the 127.5 jet for straight pipes. I jetted with 90s and 125s and running pods off the back of carbs, no stacks, and headers only. So I really didn't follow the main sticky to the T. I get...
  10. First time engine work - help, I'm scared. (cm400t)

    Engine Discussion
    I'm doing my very first bike tear-down and build on a bike that a buddy of mine practically gave me. So, I decided that I want to try to do as much as I possibly can on this bike by myself over the next few years in order to teach myself and have fun. Engines have always intimidated me, but I...
  11. WTB: CM400 right side cover

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    I've got a 1980 CM400t that I'm putting back together, and I've not been able to source a replacement right side (battery side) cover for less that $150. I know somebody out there has a lead on one of these, and any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
  12. Hello from Wheaton

    Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, Thanks for having me. Here are a few pics of the CM400 I have been working on
  13. CM400 Ignition stopped working after spark plug wire disconnected while running

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey Guys so I was working on my CM400 and having issues with the right cylinder not firing. While I was messing with it the spark plug wire came disconnected and the engine died. I have power to the lights but when I push the electric start button there is absolutely nothing. I pllled the...
  14. 81 CM400T in Texas

    Member Introductions
    Been getting lots of great info from this site and decided it was time to get up on here. Just gonna start with some pictures and the work I've done to get rolling on this baby. PO got it from somewhere where it sat for a long time, had recent receipts for a carb cleaning and put new tires on...
  15. '80 CM400T 1st Bike just Having fun.

    Project Logs
    Thought I would start my thread for what I am doing with my first bike for fun and if anyone has any tips/suggestions along the way feel free. I'm new, I'm learning, and having fun while i'm at it. What I got: 1980 CM400T, had a different tank, handlebars, turn indicators, brake light (this was...
  16. Air Cleaner Upper Gasket Needed

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hey everyone, just getting some things in order for the upcoming season and haven't really had a chance to go over the bike much since I got it late last fall. When changing out the air filter, I noticed the upper gasket (part # GASKET - 17219-447-000) was pinched in two spots and now garbage...
  17. 1980 CM400T: Nebula, A Brat Build

    Project Logs
    This is Nebula; I began a project log in my introduction thread: The photograph above is where the bike stands at this point. I'm making my way toward a "Brat" style with some personal mods (a slightly less...
  18. Newb to the site, but not to Honda Twins

    Member Introductions
    Hey all, I've been in the process of restoring a 1980 CM400T over the past few months, and have been coming here to read suggestions and get info, but haven't really had time to join up. My first bike was a '79 CB750K and have always wanted another one, so I came across this CM on craigslist...
  19. New Owner: 1981 CM400T

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hi there, So excuse my ignorance but I have a couple of questions that are mostly parts related: I am looking to replace my grips because mine are extremely worn down. I think the size I need to buy is 7/8" in but can someone confirm that my '81 CM400T would use 7/8" grips? Also I don't have a...
  20. Another new one

    Member Introductions
    A quick HI to everyone. I got a new-to-me 79 CM400T for a wedding present (from the wife) this summer. I have been riding it non stop since. So I figured it was time to sign up to the site. Thanks for all the amazing information and knowledgeable people! Cheers, Zac