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    my ride

  2. Kickstart Lever falls over when electric start 80 CM200T

    Engine Discussion
    Hey Everyone, Pretty sure this is something I have done when I did the engine rebuild, involving the kickstart spring. When I run the electric start, the kickstart lever just kinda... falls backwards. I can lift it back to the upright position, you can hear the ratchet mechanism, and it can...
  3. Howdy from Austin, Texas

    Member Introductions
    Howdy. I'm from Austin, Texas... new to this forum, new to motorcycles, and new to restoring two oldies. I just got handed a 1975 CB125s and a 1981 CM200t and I'm thrilled. 25 plus years ago my dad bought these for my mom (and himself) for her 50th birthday (at her request). She thought it...
  4. Best replacement Reg/Rect for a 1980 CM200T

    Electrical Discussion
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  5. 1980 CM200t Twinstar Cylinder Head Replacement Fail - Help Please

    Engine Discussion
    Hi, Im trying to get my 1980 twinstar up and running again but have hit a road block. I recently replaced the old cylinder head (which had a stripped spark plug port) with another used but unstripped cylinder head. Being the scrub that I am, at the last timing step I dropped a bolt down the cam...
  6. 81' CM200T Compression / Valve Issue

    Engine Discussion
    Recently acquired a 1981 CM200T with 2,600mi that has sat in indoor storage and hadn’t been started since 1989. Initially the bike would not turn over, but after a few days of soaking the cylinders/top end in penetrating oil she freed up. Next steps included: • Replaced both plugs (NGK...
  7. Needed CM200T manual!

    Manuals and Technical Documents
    Hey Y'all. Looking to start work on my project bike: 1980 CM200T 'Twinstar' but can't find a decent FSM or pdf. manual on it. Hoping that some of you have something! This is my first bike and my ultimate goal is to repair, maintain and learn to ride on this beauty! Thanks y'all! MB '80 CM200T...
  8. 1980 cm200t shifting mechanism HELP

    Engine Discussion
    I have a 1980 cm200t and it's my first bike. The bike would not go into 3rd or 4th. I opened up the side and took the clutch and oil pump/filter out to reveal the shift plate stop, and the shift stopper and realized the shift drum stopper was coming off the track when shifting. Replaced the...
  9. 1979 CM185T Carburetor Issues and Advice

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hey hey! I recently replace my OEM carb with a cheap aftermarket Chinese carb. BIG MISTAKE! Now my bike runs like ****, especially at Honda specs. Of course now, I can't find an OEM carb for my bike worth my money. Most are in crap shape. Would a CM200 carb work on my 185? There seems...
  10. 1980 CM200T swing-arm grease fitting

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    My new, and ancient, 1980 Twinstar is in remarkably good condition, but I read in another thread here that the rear suspension swing arm should be greased, and to do that one removes the zerk fitting (the sort that fits a grease gun), cleans out any hardened grease, replace fitting and apply the...
  11. CM200T Twinstar - brat style

    Project Logs
    Hello friends. I wanted to share my first project close to the end. A little background history: My mechanic friend told me that some years ago he had sold one of these bikes to a friend, and he sold it back because he did not use the bike. I wish I had a picture of it before the work, but...
  12. 1982 cm200t front turn signals not turning on at all

    Electrical Discussion
    Okay so the problem is that neither of the front turn signals will light up at all. Previously both worked fine and flashed properly. The rear come on but do not flash. I have unplugged both and plugged them both in and one did flash for a moment, until the flasher wound up and clicked...
  13. Kick start won't return

    Engine Discussion
    Hey all! I recently replaced the clutch on my CM200T (1981, USA) engine and the kick start lever will not return. I removed the case, pulled out the whole shaft and reassembled it according to the CM185's service manual (don't currently have a CM200 service manual) and it still refuses to...
  14. Oil Leak from Left Crankcase Cover

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    A few months ago I got my first motorcycle, a 1980 CM200T. It ran fine for a little while, then one morning when I got it running, it started leaking oil, fairly heavily, from the left crankcase cover. I figured the gasket blew and all I needed to do was replace it, but after doing that it was...
  15. For Sale Cafe'd 1981 Honda CM200T In York, Pa.

    Bikes and Parts For sale
    I have for sale a 1981 Honda CM200T Twinstar. This was my first bike build. The bike runs and rides great and all lights work. The electric start does not work, it is kick only and fires up on the first or second kick. I did alot to this bike to get it where it's at, new blinkers, tail light...
  16. CB200 Gas Tank On a CM200, Will It Fit?

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    I am building acafe racer out of a 1981 CM200T. I modified the gas tank but, I'm not real happy with the way it turned out. I am picking up a late 70's CB200 tank today for the bike. I was wondering if anyone can tell me if the CB tank will bolt right up on the CM bike? I already have all the...
  17. 1980 CM200T shifter seal

    Engine Discussion
    I am new to this forum, so hello to all! i was just gifted a 1980 CM200T and now im hooked. such a fun little bike. only draw back is it has a leaky shifter seal. apparently it has been leaking oil for quite a while as there was a bunch of caked on oil and grim on the bottom of the chassis and...
  18. Bicycle parts work!

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    So, I just picked up an old 1980 cm200t for a friend to use to ride to the beach, & as I was poke through it I noticed something amiss: the lower rear engine hanger bolt was missing its nut. Now, it's a 10mm bolt, but it's not the typical 10x1, so I scrounged through my old box of bicycle parts...
  19. LED's wont blink on 1981 Twinstar. CM200t

    Electrical Discussion
    I have a 1981 CM200t. I put LED blinkers on it and they wouldn't work, they all 4 lit up at the same time and stayed on. I ordered an electronic flasher from that was supposed to fix this problem. After hooking it up, with the wires reversed, the blinkers blink but, all 4 at...
  20. Indianapolis 1980 cm200t

    Member Introductions
    Hey guys. Just got my first bike! 1980 cm200t twinstar. Looking forward to my new project! However I did have a few questions. I was wanting to go the cafe or brat style with my build. And I have been having a hell of a time finding what seats etc. will fit without custom making one. Found a...