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  1. Honda Twinstar Not Starting

    Electrical Discussion
    We bought a 1980 Honda cm200t and are having a bit of trouble get it started. We cleaned the carb, checked the air filter, put in fresh gas and oil, changed the battery and spark plugs, and still nothing. My husband thinks it might be the solenoid. Any other opinions are much appreciated!
  2. 1980 Honda CM200t Air System Questions

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    I just recently bought a 1980 Honda CM200t with carb issues and I am fairly new to motorcycles. The engine turned over fine and I've bought an ebay carburetor to replace the old one. The bike is currently completely torn apart and I'm in the process of cleaning the engine for paint and sanding...
  3. Fuel type for CM200

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    I feel like this is one of those stupid questions that challenges the 'no stupid questions' theory, but I have to ask-- what type of fuel should be in my Honda CM200? I know bikes tend to run best on premium, but I'm starting to see a pattern that, in my barest understanding, looks like the...
  4. Bicycle parts work!

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    So, I just picked up an old 1980 cm200t for a friend to use to ride to the beach, & as I was poke through it I noticed something amiss: the lower rear engine hanger bolt was missing its nut. Now, it's a 10mm bolt, but it's not the typical 10x1, so I scrounged through my old box of bicycle parts...
  5. Kinda a new guy (CM200)

    Member Introductions
    So i joined the site a lil while ago and just been kinda floating around since i didnt have a honda twin but did have a CB750. but as of this weekend i bought a 1980 CM200T for my wife to cafe out for the most part just to cruise around town, namely take it out to school and back. and since we...