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  1. Part Sourcing

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Does anyone have a decent supplier for ignition parts? Been looking for a condenser, points and coil for my CM185T, can't seem to find a reasonable price on any of them. Does a condenser really cost $90? All the ones listed specifically for a cm185t are on ebay at high prices, seems like a lot...
  2. Hello from Greeley, Colorado

    Member Introductions
    Hello Friends! I am from Greeley, Colorado and I have been gifted with a 1979 Twinstar CM185T. My kids were giving a honda scooter from the 60's, cleaned it up, and the guy who wanted it traded them across. Needless to say, the Twinstar didn't run. We are currently in the process of rebuilding...
  3. New Member from a small town in Maine

    Member Introductions
    Hello, Im Mark and I live in a very small town in Maine. I have had several motorcycles but recently picked up a 1978 CM185T. This bike was in pieces but turns over fine but unfortunately it was missing a few things so Im working to make a slightly modified scrambler/brat as the frame was...
  4. Foolish Question time: Checking the oil on my '79 CM185T

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    The proper method is not covered in the FSM, and the owners manual is long gone I'm sure. So.... Do I leave it on the kickstand to check oil levels? That's a lot of tilt, which will surely change the reading. Or do I somehow try to stand it up with one hand (or a friend more than likely) and...
  5. 1979 Honda CM185 Twinstar - The Green Mud Dauber

    Project Logs
    I'm moving my build log over here from the intro thread I posted over there. The first post might be a bit long, but I'll attempt to keep follow up posts a bit shorter. I took the checklist from longdistancerider and merged my own into it, so I'll try to take note of what I do on each new...
  6. Intro the Green MudDauber, a Honda 1979 CM185T

    Member Introductions
    Greetings! I found this site after two weeks of reading everything I can about the above mentioned bike. Here's the story if you want it.... "I've got an old Motorcycle out in the shed if you want it." Said a friend of mine who is trying to downsize. "Of course!" I replied as nonchallantly...
  7. 1978 CM185T Twinstar dreaded dead battery

    Electrical Discussion
    Well, title tells it. Previous owner allowed the battery to completely die, kick started it and rode it that way for an unknown length of time. Result, every light in the house is burned out, horn no longer working and there is a serious misfire under load (when riding) with a new AGM battery...
  8. 78 CM185T doesn't shift out of gear

    Engine Discussion
    I just replaced the clutch on my 78 CM185T. I had it in neutral the whole time, after replacing the clutch and adjusting the cable at both ends, I started it, shifted into gear and started riding, would shift anymore. the clutch disengages properly, there were and are no weird noises. the...
  9. 1978 CM 185T no spark no fire

    Electrical Discussion
    So i've had this project bike for a bit now but can't get over this hill figuring out how to get the bike to fire. I have fuel flowing, she's kicking over but i'm not getting any spark from the plugs. I put in a new battery, cleaned the carb, made sure that's all in tact. Wiring: As far as...
  10. 1979 CM185T Carburetor Issues and Advice

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hey hey! I recently replace my OEM carb with a cheap aftermarket Chinese carb. BIG MISTAKE! Now my bike runs like ****, especially at Honda specs. Of course now, I can't find an OEM carb for my bike worth my money. Most are in crap shape. Would a CM200 carb work on my 185? There seems...
  11. Sparck Moto Regulator/Rectifier CM185T

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello All:: I'm wanting to connect the Sparck Moto single phase regulator to my CM185T. It came wired with the OEM type connector on the 4 "main wires" and a single black wire with a male bullet type connector. Where does the black connect on this install? I appreciate your help.
  12. Help finding gasket

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    So I removed the circular cover for the points from the left crankcase cover on my cm185t and broke the gasket on it. Now where can I get another one or do I even need one at all?
  13. 1978 CM185t wont start, ran high.

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    I bought a running 1978 CM185t, it idled at the redline and ran rich and no amount of carb adjustment would fix it so i removed and cleaned the carburetor. After that I could not get the bike to star at all, it would sound hopeful at first and then the cylinders would flood badly. The carb also...
  14. Starting a 1978 CM185T

    Electrical Discussion
    Here's a dumb question: Do 1978 (6 volt) CM185s start only by kick or with the electric starter? I busted out my multimeter and have tested my electric and traced from the battery to the end of the line and I get good juice throughout. I also get the starter to run and run. I have juice at...
  15. New to bikes and forum. 1978 Honda CM185T Twinstar

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    I recently purchased a 1978 Honda Twinstar, the 181cc engine variant. It had been started just over a year prior and has been garage kept since. It runs with a good kick, and some fooling around with the choke -- but that is where the problems start. After running for maybe 5 seconds, it does...
  16. How can i set the timing on a 1978 CM185T?

    Manuals and Technical Documents
    Hey everyone, I've been looking everywhere for a manual i can download but everyone seems to have the same problem. I took the engine and transmission apart and fixed some stuff so now all i need to know is how to set the timing for a CM185 or CD185 (same engine) maybe the 200s and 250s and...
  17. New Guy - Project 79 CM185T

    Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and looking for some general advice. Apparently this is where all of us greenhorns introduce ourselves. My 79 Honda Twinstar is my first bike project. I'm super excited about it and am very eager to learn all I can. First off, I am attempting to make a...
  18. 1978 CM185T electrical issues

    Electrical Discussion
    Last fall I got my first motorcycle, a 1978 CM185T, and it has been working well up to this point. Since I'm new to motorcycles and mechanics in general I will simply state my observations and hopefully someone can give me some tips of what to check/test to remedy this problem. - headlight...
  19. Newbie

    Member Introductions
    Hello, name's Nick, Not only new to the Honda Motorcycle scene, but new to the motorcycle scene in general. Was offered a good deal, or what I thought to be a good deal on a 1979 CM185T, that i couldn't pass up. I have wanted a bike for quite some time, but was never privileged enough to afford...