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  1. New Member from a small town in Maine

    Member Introductions
    Hello, Im Mark and I live in a very small town in Maine. I have had several motorcycles but recently picked up a 1978 CM185T. This bike was in pieces but turns over fine but unfortunately it was missing a few things so Im working to make a slightly modified scrambler/brat as the frame was...
  2. CL72 on a CM185

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    I’m looking for a new exhaust for my Cm185t and while I looked into the overpriced option of buying a used one seems they fetch crazy money. I did find some reasonably priced cl72 exhausts that look to be a similar fit does anyone know if they’ll mount up straight? I’m fine with making brackets.
  3. 1978 Twinstar Signals Wont Flash Among Other Things

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello All, I don't know what to do. I bought a 1978 Twinstar at the end of summer here and when I bought it I knew that the signals didn't work. I was dumb, and didn't check the brake light, which also didn't work. So after some time spent on the bike here's where I'm at with it: - Turn...
  4. 1979 CM185 Twinstar Tires

    Tires, Wheels, and Brakes
    My head hurts. Front tire is a 3.00-17 (4PR) Rear tire is a 3.50-16 (4PR) Guy at Revzilla Suggested some Avon AM26 Roadriders. For the front he suggested 100/90-17 or 110/90-17 front or 110/80-17 on front. For rear he suggested 130/80-16 or 120/80-16. But looking at various charts and a few...
  5. 1979 Honda CM185 Twinstar - The Green Mud Dauber

    Project Logs
    I'm moving my build log over here from the intro thread I posted over there. The first post might be a bit long, but I'll attempt to keep follow up posts a bit shorter. I took the checklist from longdistancerider and merged my own into it, so I'll try to take note of what I do on each new...
  6. Intro the Green MudDauber, a Honda 1979 CM185T

    Member Introductions
    Greetings! I found this site after two weeks of reading everything I can about the above mentioned bike. Here's the story if you want it.... "I've got an old Motorcycle out in the shed if you want it." Said a friend of mine who is trying to downsize. "Of course!" I replied as nonchallantly...
  7. 1978 Honda CM185 Carb Rebuild

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hello, I recently bought my first bike non running as a project. The lights turn on and the engine turns over but hasn't fired. Decided it was an air/fuel problem and put in a new air filter(old one disintegrated to the touch). I'm now rebuilding the carb to put in new o rings but I'm having...
  8. CM185 converted to 12v, headlight suggestions?

    Electrical Discussion
    I converted my CM185 over to 12v except the headlight. Anyone know of an after market one that fits?
  9. 1978 CM 185 Twinstar pulls the kickstarter down

    Engine Discussion
    Hey there, I´m having this issue with my 1978 CM185T. When i put it in first gear and start to go, it pulls down the kickstarter and leaves it down making a sort of ratchety noise. I can avoid the kickstarter being pulled down if I hold it with my foot, it doesn´t push it or anything, but while...
  10. Starting a 1978 CM185T

    Electrical Discussion
    Here's a dumb question: Do 1978 (6 volt) CM185s start only by kick or with the electric starter? I busted out my multimeter and have tested my electric and traced from the battery to the end of the line and I get good juice throughout. I also get the starter to run and run. I have juice at...
  11. Restoring & building CB360's in Chicago!

    Member Introductions
    Hello all! Happy to be joining this community after already referring to many helpful discussions had on here during the few weeks I've been working on my new-to-me '74 CB360. He needs a little bit of everything it seems and as a total motorcycle n00b I need all the help I can get! Here he is as...
  12. 1979 CM185T - A (super) Novice Cam Timing Mistake?

    Engine Discussion
    I am not very good at this. Here's my latest example and a question: I am (trying) to time my 1979 CM185 Twinstar. No matter what I do I can't get the points to open (and the light to go off) on F1, but I can get it on F2. I have recently taken the head off (among a bunch of other things)...
  13. Can CM 185 upgrade to electronic ignition?

    Electrical Discussion
    Hiya! Just got an old used (or should i say unused...) Honda Twinstar. Does anyone know is there a known upgrade from points ignition to electronic ignition that works on the '78 CM185? Eg: an Atom? thx lots in advance <3
  14. 1978 CM185T electrical issues

    Electrical Discussion
    Last fall I got my first motorcycle, a 1978 CM185T, and it has been working well up to this point. Since I'm new to motorcycles and mechanics in general I will simply state my observations and hopefully someone can give me some tips of what to check/test to remedy this problem. - headlight...