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    So been taking apart my project bike and realized that there is no lifter piece in the right crank case. So naturally I looked it up to buy and have not been able to find one, it says that they are discontinued so please let me know if you have one 1979.
  2. Clutch source Honda CB 125 K5 1973

    Parts For Sale
    Hope somebody can help me out from where I could get a set of clutch friction discs for my CB 125 K5 1973. Unfortunately I could find some on the net. ( I am from Austria / Europe) Thank you in advance for your help. Andreas
  3. Barnett clutch for '72 CL175 K6

    Engine Discussion
    I'm looking to replace the ~20year friction plates in the '72 CL175 K6 and I bought 5 Friction plates from Barnett. to replace the 5 Honda Friction plates I had. THe Barnett plates have a smaller Inner diameter which I think is good becuase that = more surface area in contact with the steel...
  4. '72 CL175K6 Clutch spring Free length?

    Engine Discussion
    I was "gifted" a '72 CL175 K6 by a friend and I'm just going through it to check out the condition. It has sat for a long time(10+ years). I opened up the clutch basket to find 4 plates + 1 Plate "B" and 5 friction plates. As far as I know that is normal. But the springs are way too short per...
  5. 1972 CL175 (K6)

    Project Logs
    Here's an update on the bike since joining the forum and posting my member introduction. I'd say I'm a little over half way through the new bike checklist (Basic Checklist for that New to You old Bike), and thank goodness for all the things it tells you to check. I freed up the frozen clutch...
  6. Right Panel Lever stuck

    Engine Discussion
    Hey guys. Right now I'm working on a 1982 nighthawk 450 project. I had a seized engine, so I bought and am in the process of installing a new one. An issue I have is that the lever on the right side panel attached to the clutch cable is stuck. Off of the engine the lever on the panel (I'm...
  7. Clutch spring torque

    Engine Discussion
    Hi there, I apologize if this is not the correct place to start that discussion. I have now put back the clutch plates and the lock nut on my ‘85 CB450SC. How tight should the 4 springs be? Also how do you adjust the clutch? many thanks Ed
  8. Hello from Dallas

    Member Introductions
    Hello, New (to me) owner of a '73 CB350G. After riding the bike for about two weeks I decided it was time to begin tearing down and rebuilding everything, as it seems that general maintenance went by the wayside over the last 46 years. Hoping to learn a lot along the way! Shameless plug that...
  9. 1973 CB350G Ball Retainer

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Hello, I recently purchased a 1973 CB350G. While combing through the bike I discovered the ball retainer in the clutch lever/lifter assembly within the left crank case is missing, part # 22860-286-000. Does anyone have one for sale or know where I might find one? I've searched all over ebay...
  10. 360t clutch not engaging

    Engine Discussion
    hello everybody, i recently bought a 76cb360t and it was fully functional until i took the sprocket cover to get the (76' original) rear tire off and replaced. once i got the new tire back on i put the sprocket cover back where it was and now the clutch isnt working at all, i tried the clutch...
  11. Clutch dragging

    Engine Discussion
    I am having trouble with my CL350 clutch dragging, it's enough to slow the engine down and make shifting difficult on the center stand. I popped the clutch several days ago with an improper adjustment, since then I have done the following: Cleaned and regreased the lifter assembly, rebuilt the...
  12. Clutch lever CM400T now high gears only...

    Engine Discussion
    The bike ran fine, better than ever, I was just fine tuning and was told clutch lever shouldn't be 90 degrees off motor should be about 120 or so back from front, so i changed it as described in manual. See attached image. The bike was in neutral when I changed the lever, spring and push rod...
  13. Wanted: Clutch - Clutch Cable Interface

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    I need a few parts for my cb450. It would be great if someone out there had them; if not, could anyone point me in the right direction? I need: -front sprocket cover -Clutch lifter -adjuster -lever spring -fixing piece -cable joint and also exhaust headers and mufflers. I can't find them...
  14. Clutch will not disengage from Transmission - 1982 Honda CB 450 Nighthawk

    Engine Discussion
    I recently bought this bike, it was being converted into a cafe racer style, but previous owner stopped halfway through, so bike has been sitting for maybe 1-2 years. The first thing I noticed is that Clutch will not disengage from the transmission - I have the bike up on the center stand so...
  15. (improvement) bottom clutch lever CB200

    Engine Discussion
    Sorry if it has been posted somewhere, but just want to share this, the idea came from my bestfriend, and since it is doable and theoritically correct (learnt this physic/pulley/reduce force when in school), so we believed that will work, in fact it works super nice. No hurt feeling when in...
  16. 5th gear slipping

    Engine Discussion
    Hey all. I have a 1972 CB350. Just recently the transmission has started slipping while I'm driving in 5th gear. It acts as if the clutch were being pulled in and released periodically despite not actuating the clutch. I have adjusted the clutch tension to where I feel confident that when the...
  17. Ever had your cb350 stuck in neutral and unable to get into gear?

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hi all! I found a real gem of a 1972 cb350 and have been performing a few basic new old bike fixes. The bike had been lightly ridden its entire life and well taken care of - although had sat for a bit over the past couple years. While change the two oil seals on the left side (the pushrod and...
  18. Clutch Adjustment

    Engine Discussion
    I just finished a motorcycle riding course since I'm pretty new to riding and it gives my my license and reduces insurance. We all rode their bikes which were mostly Rebel 250's, super light easy bikes. The first thing I noticed was how much bigger the clutch friction point was on those bikes...
  19. CL350 Clutch Issue

    Engine Discussion
    Hey guys! So I followed every single step on different threads on adjusting the clutch and I was able to fix my popping issue, but I have a problem because the clutch doesn't ever disengage. I can put it into first and neutral without any lever engagement. I tested it by pulling in the clutch...
  20. CB350 Bike Jumps and Bogs down when going into 1st

    Engine Discussion
    Hey guys have a '73 CB350, just got the engine running perfect yesterday after I adjusted the intake valves. My new problem is when you shift into 1st the bike has a weird clicking sound and almost bogs down but doesn't die. Took the bike to my local high school parking lot and was messing with...