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clutch problem

  1. 72 CL 350 Clutch Problems

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hello all, I am a "Long time listener. First time caller" on this site. I finally got both cylinders running ( a big thanks to many of you as well as the guys over at Just a little fine tuning to do on the carbs and she'll be purring like a cat. However, I am at my wits end...
  2. No Name Clutch......Clamp Thing

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    So about two months ago I noticed this piece of metal laying on the floor beneath my bike. I was vacuuming with the shop vac and thankfullly didn't sweep it up. I looked every where I thought it could have come from but couldn't, for the life of me figure it out. Now, some of the more...
  3. Need help! i have a 1969 sl350 clutch help!!!

    Engine Discussion
    Both side covers off,decided to clean oil filter and pump while at it did all that replacing stock springs with barnett one's heard there better?,btw there longer than stock springs? problem? i'm having such a hard time getting the clutch to engage. i have both covers off and am in the middle of...
  4. Clutch Cable Problem on Honda CB350

    Non-Model Specific Honda Twin Topics
    Okay, I've been working on my bike for about a year and today I finally got to hear it run. That's my good news. Right now I'm facing, what I feel like is, a clutch cable engaging issue. I put a brand new clutch cable on and did everything step by step of what my clymer manual said. I have even...