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clutch lever

  1. Can't Shift Gears on my 1981 CM400T

    Engine Discussion
    Okay, I posted yesterday, but either worded wrong or it's a lost cause Bike ran and shifted gears fine though sitting still kind of stiff...but it ran fine. Actuator/ lever sat at 90 degrees off motor was told it needed to be 120 and was probably worn. So I got one and replace it. 1 I layed the...
  2. (improvement) bottom clutch lever CB200

    Engine Discussion
    Sorry if it has been posted somewhere, but just want to share this, the idea came from my bestfriend, and since it is doable and theoritically correct (learnt this physic/pulley/reduce force when in school), so we believed that will work, in fact it works super nice. No hurt feeling when in...
  3. Lighten clutch pull? '79 CM400T

    Engine Discussion
    Howyadoin, I'm fixing this bike up for my wife, who doesn't have a lot of grip strength and finds the clutch very difficult. Are there any aftermarket levers that might give her better leverage? I'm going to lube and adjust the cable to try to reduce the lever travel a bit, but thought I'd...
  4. Clutch Assembly: initial worm gear adjustment

    Engine Discussion
    Hopefully a quick question... I'm reinstalling my left crankcase cover and can't remember how far the worm gear was in the housing when I had it on last. Does it go all the way in, as in first pic, or out a bit as in the second? Once it's installed, there isn't much additional movement...
  5. CB360 Clutch Cable/Crankcase Repair

    Engine Discussion
    Hey all, new to the board. I bought this 1975 Honda CB360T about a week ago, and plan to repair/restore as needed. Right now, I really need a working clutch. I'll explain what I've done so you can properly punish me for my ignorance. Bike runs fine, but the clutch lever was broken. It would...