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  1. Arrgghh Starting Clicking Noise no Compression cb450?

    Engine Discussion
    So terrible day. It started as a great one; all I needed to do was to add oil, button up some wiring, add gas, and finally start up and go for a test ride. WRONG. While going through the normal motions of starting a bike that hasn't been started in several months, after a "restore to life" on...
  2. CB350 Bike Jumps and Bogs down when going into 1st

    Engine Discussion
    Hey guys have a '73 CB350, just got the engine running perfect yesterday after I adjusted the intake valves. My new problem is when you shift into 1st the bike has a weird clicking sound and almost bogs down but doesn't die. Took the bike to my local high school parking lot and was messing with...
  3. Honda CL360: Loud clicking in left side of engine

    Engine Discussion
    Hey guys! 2 days being a member and I already have an issue. As mentioned in the title, the bike is a Honda CL360 Scrambler. First off, I'll start with the known cause of the issue. The past month I caught my fuel lines leaking gas all over the floor of my garage. (That was a fun cleanup...)...