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  1. Questions about cleaning a motor and other things

    Engine Discussion
    Hello Honda Twin Community, I'm trying to fix up a few Hondas that I got but my lack of mechanical knowledge is hindering my process. I have a 1969 Cb350, a 1978 CB750F2, a 1979 CB750L, and a 1981 CB650. I"m working on the cb350 at the moment and i have the whole thing disassembled. The lower...
  2. (Help) Cleaning Old Engine Exterior?

    Project Logs
    What product/s do you suggest? I'm not skilled enough to take it apart and clean the casings individually, So I'm basically planning on just pulling up a stool and going at it. My girlfriend's dad is an engineer so I have access to a looot of tools. What tools should I use? Are there any special...
  3. FS: Gorgeous ready to ride 1972 CB350 in Memphis

    Bikes For Sale
    This is not a project bike! It's beautiful and ready to ride. It's a 1972 Honda CB350 with 14,600 miles. Less than 300 miles ago I paid over $900 and had the engine rebuilt (bored cylinder and seals/gaskets, new valves), had the carbs rebuilt, and got a new ignition coil. Now it purrs like...
  4. 1973 CB175 K6 Ready for Restoration

    Bikes For Sale
    1973 CB175 K6 Ready for Restoration Price Reduction! Circumstances have changed and an unexpected move is forcing me to try and find a home for this bike quickly. I want to try here before going to Craigslist, so I'm cutting to asking price to $250 OBO. I've owned this bike since 1973. It's...