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  1. Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hi there, We purchased this CL450 with a title that says it's a '72 but the VIN indicates otherwise. Can you help us figure out the year? The tank is from an newer model for sure. TIA!
  2. Engine Discussion
    Two years ago my friend and I rebuilt my 70’ CB450 engine with the bottom end of 68’ CL450. It was riding pretty well for about a year (for the exception of some power loss). But about a year ago I went for a ride and while riding in 5th on the highway, the whole bike jerked like the clutch...
  3. Member Introductions
    Greetings Fellow Riders! Just to tell you a little bit about myself. I've owned the same 70' CB450 for 12 years. My best friend from high school is an engineer who has helped with me with every problem my bike has run in to. He's been fixing engines since he was 15 and he immediately got me...
  4. Member Introductions
    Hello All! I live in Easley, SC (not to far south of Greenville) and recently-ish picked up a non-running 1972 honda CL-450. Got the bike home, dropped a batter in it, replaced a blade fuse some one hacked into the harness and the bike tried to run... but poorly, so now I am here. This is my...
  5. Bikes and Parts For sale
    We are moving to a townhome so I have to get rid of this project. Would be an easy return to stock also. Could deliver within 150 miles of Rochester
  6. Member Introductions
    Hi Guys, I wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I live in Brooklyn, but I'm from Milwaukee, where I visit a lot. I have some old bikes there also. I've recently bought a cb450k2 1969 that runs nice, but the clutch is grabbing at the end. I ordered a new clutch plate and spring kit, so I'm...
  7. Bikes For Sale
    Complete bike - but will need top end work, still a strong runner @ over 120psi compression - missing exhaust tip. Full description in ad: 10K original miles. Nearly spotless frame, marginal corrosion and rust. Video Link: *WILL NEED...
  8. Bikes For Sale
    Good condition 1973 Honda CL 450 Scrambler ~3350 miles Well maintained, clean title in hand. Some after market and some OEM parts. Battery tender and cover included with motorcycle. Do not ride it as much as I used since I moved to Pittsburgh to so am looking to sell. Original Scrambler Seat...
  9. Bikes For Sale
    It's sold
  10. Ride Reports
    As I said in the new members area a few weeks ago, I'm the proud owner of a 1974 CL450 Scrambler and for the past two months I've worked hard to get her trip ready. It was an ambitious goal, considering the bike set up for 40 years, but she was stashed away in the corner of a fairly decent...
  11. Tires, Wheels, and Brakes
    I recently picked up a second 450 drum for a project, and it's different than the other one I have, as well as the others I've seen. Wondering if anyone knows what's up. Thanks in advance. These are pics of the one in question. No alignment dots, and has this dust shield thing. Here is...
  12. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Looking for a CL450 front drum. Entire wheel, only drum, doesn't matter... show me what ya got. I check ebay often, but figured I'd post here to see if anyone was holding anything. Thanks ya'll
  13. Miscellaneous Discussion
    I have a 1972 CL450 that I am trying to get back onto the road. The starter clutch was not working. I purchased the rebuild kit and replaced it tonight. Now the starter clutch it working...but after it spins the engine a couple times.....there is a loud clacking noise and then it stops...
  14. Miscellaneous Discussion
    Just to be clear, I mean the six inch lower tailpipe that installs on the back of the lower muffler. I found a NOS tailpipe which the original parts list indicates is the right part for the bike. The covers for the tailpipe are correct for the year, so I have to assume that the mufflers they...
  15. Bikes and Parts For sale
    hey everyone - testing the waters here. got a 1972 CL450 builder that I'm looking to sell. been in the garage for too long and needs a good home. wasn't running when I got it. hole in the left engine cover and the motor is seized. everything is there but lots of dents and flaws. here are a...
  16. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    deleted please delete this post
  17. Miscellaneous Discussion
    WTT: my 69 CB450 aftmkt low pipes & NOS seat 4 your 1968 CL450 muffler/exhaust system My Hooker Header (?) CB450 low pipe black exhaust system and NOS 1969 Honda OEM seat with shelf wear for your 1968 Honda CL450 exhaust/muffler system. I don't need a NOS exhaust/muffler assembly so call me...
  18. Bikes For Sale
    71 Honda CL450 Scrambler - Great project bike.. NO Title.. Not running $800 OBO Like many Ive just run out of time and ambition- Let me know if you have any questions Thanks for looking
  19. Electrical Discussion
    Hi all, I am building a 69 CL450 K2 and the wiring on it is really rough. There are some after market harnesses on eBay for a CB450 K0. Could I modify it to fit my bike? Should I build my own? I'm new to motorcycles and the forum. Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks! Ryan
  20. Member Introductions
    Hello all. I was an active member years ago... found my old intro here: That bike actually ended up as this: We moved out to the east coast and bikes were put on hold for a few years. Now I have a 450...
1-20 of 38 Results