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  1. 1975 Cl360

    Project Logs
    Hi, this is my first project here and first motorcycle project in general. Usually work on dirt bikes. Really loving working on the old bike though. Picked up this 1975 Cl360 with around 8k miles. Overall not in bad condition just a lot of surface rust. Wasn’t running so I got it for $600 bucks...
  2. Intro from Madison, WI

    Member Introductions
    I got my first Honda Twin (and my first motorcycle) in 1993 for $300 -- a 1975 CL360. It ran, but with low power. My buddy who had a CB350 said "it's probably the carbs". It turned out to be that the compression was shot on the left cylinder. I ended up rebuilding the engine on the porch of my...
  3. CL360 Sounds Good? Tune Up List done, but nothing to check it against

    Pictures and Videos
    Finally got what I think is the general tune up wrapped up, however, being my first time around, I haven't got a clue as to IF it all sounds like it's right... which is likely a lot of new kids. This is a '75 CL360 I picked up in January, from a close buddy who purchased it from a fella in...
  4. 360 throttle shaft seals — how to replace?

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    I have tried everything to fix my CL360’s racing idle (or is it hanging idle?). In any case, lots of reading on old threads here led me to the hypothesis that my felt throttle shaft washers are either dried out or ruined from a soak in carb cleaner. How do I remove the throttle shafts to assess...
  5. Points advancer — replace, lube, or leave it?

    Electrical Discussion
    I’m trying to remedy my CL360’s racing idle. One consideration is whether my points advancer (spark advancer) is worn out or malfunctioning. What should I be looking for when I inspect? When I pulled off the points plate, it appeared dry with a tiny bit of surface rust. Does it need some kind of...
  6. Groucho Marx probably didn't fix his own bikes.... New Member, here.

    Member Introductions
    I've recently picked up a '75 CL360 barn find that was cleaned up (but not necessarily restored). Bought by a buddy and shipped east, though his lack of time and shifts of priorities turned out to be a score for me. Live in Brooklyn, but have a garage/ family home about an hour north of the...
  7. Tach troubleshooting

    Engine Discussion
    Hi all. I have a ‘75 CL360 and the tachometer isn’t working. When I turn it on it shows about 1,000 rpm but no matter how the engine is revved (stationary in neutral or on the road), the gauge doesn’t move. I don’t really understand how the system works to connect engine to gauge, so I figured...
  8. Help IDing CL360 (?) pipes

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    Are these actually off of a CL360 as advertised? I can't find any info or images of a 2 into 1 muffler like this, and I'm hesitant to spend this kind of money if I can't confirm fit. Thanks...
  9. What'd I get myself into? ‘75 CL360 scrambler

    Project Logs
    After decades of riding bicycles I got the throttle fever last winter. Started with a KTM two-stroke that I’ve been having fun riding off-road. A friend of mine put a bug in my ear with his old CB restoration projects. And before I knew it, I ended up with this 1975 CL360. Engine seems to be in...
  10. Honda Mash 1974 CL360T and 1982 CB250

    Project Logs
    Hi Guys, Im new to Honda Twins and i recently picked up an interesting First time project. I have a CB250 Frame, with a CL360T Motor, which i am hoping to turn into a Cafe Racer. This is my first project and your guys help and Knowledge would be very much appreciated. :) I do believe that this...
  11. New Owner '74 CL360 Saying Thanks.

    Member Introductions
    On the tail end of my first build, (1974 CL360), I've used these threads with many issues I've had and wanted to say thanks for the contributors and the help. Here are the pics of the bike, it's a fluid ending so things may change and there are several minor issues that I still need to iron out...
  12. CB360(ish) No turn signals or horn

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey there, new to bikes and forums in general. Recently got my first bike which is a '74 CB360T, I believe, that had an engine swap with the one from the '76 CL360 - the scrambler. I figured it was worth making a new post since there's a couple variables there. Right now when I turn the bike...
  13. Hello in Washington

    Member Introductions
    Hello, my name is Frank and I ride in western Washington state, USA. I am happy to belong here with other motorcycle enthusiasts and wish to share experiences and mechanical knowledge. My current ride is a 1975 CL360 K1 Scrambler in excellent survivor original condition purchased in 2017 with...
  14. Ryan's CL360 Build

    Project Logs
    Hey everyone, I was slacking on creating a project thread, but I'm finally here. Picked up my first bike, this running and driving '74 CL360 with 27k miles about a month ago and have been taking my time tearing it apart and learning as I go. My goal for this bike is to restore it to all it's...
  15. Honda CL style exhaust for nighthawk 250

    Engine Discussion
    I'm sure this has been asked before. Contemplating how I can achieve the CL style pipes on my nighthawk 250. I've found CL360 exhausts on craigs but before I decided to buy I need some advice. I'm guessing that it wont be a bolt on mod. Anyone else try this?
  16. 1971 CL350 for sale.

    Bikes For Sale
    Have had some great advice from this forum (mostly lurking and researching) and wanted to put this up here. Sooo...long story. Bought this bike in early 2015. The PO had disassembled the bike and powder coated the frame and rebuilt the engine. Carbs needed some tuning. Got the carbs rebuilt and...
  17. Ballpark Value of CL360?

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    I've got a 74 CL360 that's 99% original. Only non-original things about it are the air breathers (UNI filters) and mufflers (EMGO shorty mufflers). I still have the original air boxes and original mufflers with it. I picked it up for $650 without a title. I've fixed it up quite a bit, even...
  18. WTB: CL350/360 exhaust heat shield

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Found: CL350/360 exhaust heat shield -delete Found one. Please delete. Thx.
  19. Clutch and Kick/Electric Start Problem > 1975 CL360

    Engine Discussion
    So ... I recently changed the clutch on my 1975 CL360 and was pretty painless process; however this is where the pain starts. The clutch has been adjusted (several times) and it's is working fine, but when I engage the clutch the kick-start goes soft (no compression) and the electric start does...
  20. Broken Cam Chain...Now What

    Engine Discussion
    Hey all, It's been almost a year since my last post but I have been lurking and watching. Being a creep, you know. Some background: Last year I rebuilt the engine on my CL360. New valves, rings, seals, etc. I also put in a new cam chain. I was so proud of my hard work. It ran...