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  1. Junkyard Luggage Rack

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hey all, I recently went to a moto boneyard out in Utah (where things actually survive more than a couple of years outdoors, unlike New England) and I found a rack for my CL350. It was a steal, but doesn't bolt up. I'm capable of modifying it to work, but I don't want to cut it up if it's still...
  2. Reattaching gas caps

    Off Topic
    Found a tank for my '70 CL350 for $20. Got 99% of the rust out of the inside with vinegar, and will start sanding down the outside today. Dumb question, but I'm assuming that to remove the gas cap (never had a hinged one before) I simply drill the pin out... but the question is how to put it...
  3. 69’ CL350 basket case.

    Engine Discussion
    First post, been lurking for a few weeks. To make a long story as short as possible - I bought this bike for a couple hundred bucks. Decided I could make it my project. I’ve done basic work on bikes for years but this is my first time opening up an engine. So bare with me. Apparently this bike...
  4. Suspension for a better ride in the desert - CL350

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    Hi all, I've been continuously building a slightly modified 1971 CL350. I love ripping this thing on paved backroads and around town and really appreciate the vintage aesthetic of the bike. However, I recently moved to Utah and would like to orient the bike more toward desert road riding mainly...
  5. From HOG to CL350 50 years later - Bay Area

    Member Introductions
    I hadn't been riding for about 50 years. Back then my first bike was a Mustang. While in high school and college during summers I worked in a Texaco service station and one day I got a call to a customer's house to change a tire. When I arrived I saw two Harley model 74s, both chopped for hill...
  6. new spokes needed for CL front rim...where to get??

    Tires, Wheels, and Brakes
    Hi everyone, I am trying to find some new spoked for my CL350 front rim (19"). There are plenty of options for the CB rim but not the CL it seems like. I know I can go to Buchanans and get some there but I am looking for the budget route and I am fine with some zinc plated spokes. Anyone have a...
  7. swingarm stands for '72 CL350

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hi, I want to be able to hold the bike up so i can work on it. I live in san francisco, where I have no garage or yard or anywhere i could keep/use a proper lift or table. I keep my bike on the sidewalk in front of my house so I'm looking for swingarm stands I could pull out whenever i want to...
  8. New around here...

    Member Introductions
    Hey ya'll! I was told to come over here and introduce myself! I have a 73' CL350 that I purchased on Craigslist a couple months ago. Been trying to get the old girl back in top shape and recently this forum really helped me out with a clutch issue I was having. Thankfully with your help I...
  9. Clutch dragging

    Engine Discussion
    I am having trouble with my CL350 clutch dragging, it's enough to slow the engine down and make shifting difficult on the center stand. I popped the clutch several days ago with an improper adjustment, since then I have done the following: Cleaned and regreased the lifter assembly, rebuilt the...
  10. Grey wire with starter solenoid wires

    Electrical Discussion
    So I'm not sure what this grey wire was supposed to go to. From the wiring diagram it looks like the only grey wire is the blinker relay, but I believe that is under the tank from what I've read (haven't gotten to the wiring under the tank yet). It is a grey wire coming out of the harness along...
  11. Bent frame and cross brace?

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    So I just picked up a pretty clean '68/'69 CL350. Now that I'm digging into it I've started to notice a few issues that I naively didn't notice before. It looks like the frame is bent a bit by the motor on the left hand side of the bike (right near the kickstand - see first picture). What is...
  12. New here. Looking for advice on CL350s.

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hi all, First post here and hopefully the first of many. Just sold my '66 Mustang and looking to buy my first motorcycle. Really excited about the Honda CL350 Scramblers. Just a nice simple classic looking bike! I'm looking for a project and something to tool around town and explore the...
  13. Renthal Medium Road Bars on Cl350

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    Does anyone have any experience or opinions on the Rethal Medium Road bars? I'm looking to replace my stock bars with something similar. With the (rough) measurements I took of my current bars, these seem to be fairly close. Thanks
  14. New member from SC

    Member Introductions
    Well, I'm new to the site I guess. I have a few bikes. As far as Honda twins go, I have a 1971 CB450 that I need to get back together, just lost motivation. I recently purchased a 1973 CL350, which is fun for around town. It ran poorly when I purchased. All I did was adjust the valves, swap...
  15. 1973 cl350

    Project Logs
    I just bought a 1973 Cl350. Pretty good condition. Ran poorly, but I adjusted the valves and swapped the points and set the timing. Runs well now. I don't like how much slop is in the output shaft of the transmission. Is this normal? A couple of pictures, because I know you guys want pics...
  16. "Fits and Starts" - My '72 CL350

    Project Logs
    I first introduced myself back in August 2017 but have yet to begin a "project build" page. It's about time I start one so that others can offer suggestions to me and hopefully learn from the mistakes (many) I've made and will likely continue to make. I've gotten into motorcycles later in...
  17. WTB: 1974 CL350 Sidecovers (green preferred)

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Looking for a set of green side covers for my 1974 CL350 Whatcha got??
  18. CL350 Exhaust problems with aftermarket rear suspension

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    First time poster but I've been reading for a couple months now. I recently bought a CL350 pictured here and as you can see it didn't come with the stock pipes on it. The exhaust it came with was too loud and low to the ground so I leaped at the chance to pick up a set of stock pipes on...
  19. Wanted: CB350 CL350 Head - 1970-1973

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    I'm rebuilding mine and need a new one. Valve seat has come loose on mine and want to replace. Please DM with asking price!