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  1. Engine Discussion
    Hello all!, back on the forum after a looooong time off. Still riding, just haven't been on this forum. :-? Anyway, I have been wondering about the hose that comes off of the mufflers on the CL350. What is it for and how is it helpful to the performance? And why is it that the CB350 does not...
  2. Tips And Tricks
    Hi all. I'm currently repairing my rusted muffler. I've cut out the rusted sections and I'm now in the process of welding new sheet metal sections in. I believe that the reason why the top muffler rusts more than the bottom muffler is that the nipple drain gets clogged with rust particles. If...
  3. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    I know someone here must have one in decent condition. What i'm looking for: No pitting or leaks, solid unit, little surface rust is ok, does not need to have the heat shield in tact. So, if you have one that you're getting rid off OR it's just sitting in your basement/garage I need it! Shoot...
1-3 of 3 Results