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  1. Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Looking for advice on what carburetors to run on my CL175 bored out to 200cc?!
  2. Member Introductions
    Greetings from Eastern Connecticut! New to the this forum but no stranger to old Hondas. Have recently acquired this 1971 CL175: Someone put CB exhaust on it at some point. Mostly complete aside from a missing horn and side covers. Most other bits missing in this photo I have but were not...
  3. Electrical Discussion
    I have a new-to-me 1971 cl175 that is missing the headlight lens. Searching online parts sites I see the headlight for my cl175 is part number 33120-307-671 and is not available anywhere besides cmsnl for $$$. The same year cb175 uses headlight part number 33120-292-673 and is widely available...
  4. Engine Discussion
    I'm looking to replace the ~20year friction plates in the '72 CL175 K6 and I bought 5 Friction plates from Barnett. to replace the 5 Honda Friction plates I had. THe Barnett plates have a smaller Inner diameter which I think is good becuase that = more surface area in contact with the steel...
  5. Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hello, I am reviving a 1971 CL175 that was not running and was COVERED with rust when I got it. It had been left out, uncovered, on the coast for 3 years. Once I resolved some of the electrical issues that were preventing it from starting, I was able to get it running. This gave me confidence to...
  6. Project Logs
    Here's an update on the bike since joining the forum and posting my member introduction. I'd say I'm a little over half way through the new bike checklist (Basic Checklist for that New to You old Bike), and thank goodness for all the things it tells you to check. I freed up the frozen clutch...
  7. Member Introductions
    Good afternoon everyone! I have recently acquired a new-to-me 1972 CL175 (K6?). I have minimal experience with motorcylces but have been doing work on cars for a while and I am interested in anything with a motor. I am located in Central Texas (near Austin). I am fixing to go through the bike...
  8. Parts For Sale
    Listers, I have a good cylinder head for a vertical 175cc engine. CB, CL etc...... No camshaft, missing 1 exhaust valve. Other valves, springs, and rocker arms included. $50 plus shipping. Contact me off list if interested. [email protected]
  9. Manuals and Technical Documents
    You can download it for free off of my website. Had a hard time tracking it down so I figured I'd try and make it easier for others. Enjoy!
  10. Member Introductions
    Hey guys, just learned about this forum a few weeks ago and man I am loving it! The forum you guys have made here is one of the most inviting communities I've ever seen, and I'm really excited to be apart of it. My current project is a 1972 Honda CL 175 K6 Scrambler that I've pretty much done a...
  11. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Listers, Looking for carb parts for my 1968 CL175 Sloper with the 22mm Kiehins. The aftermarket rebuild parts do not work well. Mainly after the needles and needle jets. I have one stock needle, it is stamped 063001. What have you? Many Thanks Bownez Mpls 1968 CL175 1966 CB77 1972 CT90
  12. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Hello Listers, I am looking for a pair of 160 size carb jets to fit my 1968 CL175KO. Many thanks. Michael Mpls
  13. Parts For Sale
    I have a gas tank for a CL 175 Honda Sloper. Acid dipped to remove interior rust. New paint. $200 + shipping Email for pics - [email protected] Bruce
  14. Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Anyone out there with the sloper 175cc engine with the "power jet" circuit carbs?? Can you tell me what the correct jet sizes are? My carbs came dis-assembled and I cannot find info on where the jets belong. I'm referring to the air jet at the top of the carbs that are fed to the air cleaner...
  15. Engine Discussion
    Hello Group, Any suggestions on where to find pistons for a 175cc scrambler? This is a Sloper engine. E-Bay has some on line, should I be looking for the ART brand? Many thanks. Bones Mpls
  16. Electrical Discussion
    I bought a CL175 this summer. The bike ran well with no problems, but after being away for a couple weeks I went to start the bike and nothing... No lights would even turn on. I went first and fully charged the battery. (I did this out of my shed with the battery still fully connected to the...
  17. Bikes and Parts For sale
    Hello everyone, this is my first post, I am located in Ithaca, New York. (Upstate Finger Lakes region) Bought bought this bike a few weeks ago, but have to move on, it ran perfectly up until it didn't. I was pulling up to a stop sign and it puttered out. I have no idea why. I am not a mechanic...
  18. Engine Discussion
    Hello All, I have very little experience working on motors so I decided to take a running 1973 CL175 apart (I have a lot of experience being dumb). Now I need some help (Surprise!) Compression was really low, ordered .50 oversized pistons and had it bored out. Easy Peasy. I'm looking at...
  19. Engine Discussion
    Hey guys, First post here but I just received an exhaust system for a CL175 which are in decent shape except for about a 1/4 inch hole in the muffler. Would that be for drainage or is it damaged? Thanks
  20. Engine Discussion
    Hi everyone, I picked up an old Honda Cl175 with 7k miles from a guy in town about 2 years ago in running condition. The individual said it was a barn find and had an issue with the clutch as the first gear would slip in and out and make a clicking sound. It didn't seem like it was a huge issue...