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  1. Bikes and Parts For sale
    Bike is currently disassembled. Engine freshly rebuilt this winter. 1mm overbore, fresh pistons/ rings, valves lapped, fresh cam chain & tensioner, Bike is all there except muffler (cut off by a PO) it does have the head pipes. I started restoration about a year ago and have just lost...
  2. Engine Discussion
    I have a 1966 Honda CL160 that I need engine help with in the Sac area. If you have a good referral please let me know. Thx, Mike
  3. Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Can someone tell me what the exact part name is for item #24 in the image below? I snapped one on my '66 scrambler and need to replace it. Thanks!
  4. Member Introductions
    I apologize for making my first post before my official introduction. I have been reading this site for years but finally needed to chat, and I got too excited... I'm close to 30 years old, I live in Northern MN. I currently have two of my own bikes that I have restored, and a third bike of a...
  5. Member Introductions
    Putting together a '67' CL160. Had a CL160 in 1966 that I bought new for $600 then sold. Looking forward to this project!
  6. Member Introductions
    1966 cb160 sport
  7. Miscellaneous Discussion
    I have a basket case cl160 that I'm probably selling, but as I was taking some photos last night I thought maybe I should just sell the parts individually. Could someone shed some light on how much the parts are worth? keihin carbs/tank/engine/exhaust, etc... ? I ebay searched for price...
  8. Bikes For Sale
    Vintage 1966 Honda CL160 Scrambler. Have keys and clear title. Starts, runs and drives fine. Smokes a bit when running. This 51 year old Honda classic is a rare fine and you just don,t see them around any more. Great restoration project. $1500 OBO Located by North Muskegon, Michigan. Local...
  9. Bikes For Sale
    Vintage 1966 Honda CL160 Scrambler. Have keys and clear title. If its posted, It's still available. Starts, runs and drives fine, smokes a bit. This 51 year old Honda classic is a rare fine and you just don,t see them around any more. SOLD!!!!!
  10. Bikes and Parts For sale
    I'm looking for a set of air filters for a 1966 Honda CL160. I need both filters (left and right) but I'd be happy to get one at a time Part #s: 17210-217-000 17310-217-000 Also, a digital copy of the owner's manual would be appreciated. Thanks Kevin
  11. Engine Discussion
    Hi everyone, I'm a rather new member, here. I just want to say that I appreciate the community and their desire to help one another keep these old bikes on the road. Hopefully someone can help me... I bought an old CL160 off of a family friend. It had been stored since the early eighties...
  12. Project Logs
    Wanted to share my current project as well as introduce myself. My name is AJ and I live in So Cal. I picked up this 1965 Cb160 a little over a month ago now after visiting Lossa Engineering in Long Beach California. While at Jay's shop I fell in love with a bike he had there and decided to...
  13. Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Looking for a stock CL160 complete exhaust with mufflers and covers ASAP. Picture attached for what I am looking for. Thanks!
  14. Engine Discussion
    Good evening, I had a cracked cylinder sleeve and had two new ones pressed in, but i don't recall if the original ones "protruded" / had a reveal as in the pictures below. Any help on this is greatly appreciated. If it's not supposed to be like that then i will have it milled at a machine shop...
  15. Electrical Discussion
    I am working on rebuilding a cb/cl160. I recently rebuilt the cb160 engine. I have 2 different types of spark advancers, points plates and points. I am not sure at this point if the cam I put in the engine was from an early or later model cb/cl160. Does it make a difference with the...
  16. Bikes and Parts For sale
    I have what may be an entire cl160. I recently completed a build of my own, but in the process I acquired a lot of stuff. I have everything from a frame and engine(not together) to fuel tank emblems. There are wheels, forks, fenders, seat and plenty more. I'd like to get some money for this...
1-16 of 16 Results