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  1. Wire from regulator rectifier, which terminal does it go on?

    Electrical Discussion
    I have this extra wire coming out of the wiring harness that is continuous with the green wire in the regulator/rectifier plug. Where is it supposed to be connected? I can't find any mention of it online.
  2. Charging mod blows fuse when key is turned on

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey everyone, I've been restoring a 71 CB450 and the first time I started it up I wasn't getting much of a charge output. So I went ahead and did the charging mod where you plug the two stator coils together bypassing the headlight switch to get full charging output all the time. I did what...
  3. CB160 Charging

    Electrical Discussion
    So in the wiring diagram it says that the brown wire from the rectifier connects to light green w/ red off the crank. Is this correct? The green w/ red trace wire goes to the nuetral switch which im deleting, so could I just remove the green w/ red trace and the brown from the rectifier...
  4. Ricks Stator Question

    Electrical Discussion
    Hi Folks, I've got a Ricks Motorsports Stator and rectifier in my CB350 but the Stator coils have just begun to disintegrate and I don't believe my bike is charging so well anymore. I'd like to replace just the stator but it has to be with a Rick's since the stock stators seem to have 4 wires...
  5. CycleX 3-phase charging system for CB450's

    Electrical Discussion
    Does anyone have any experience with this kit from Cycle Exchange? Seems interesting as an improvement to stock, or those who have additional electrical loads. It seems this kit applies to bikes that are kickstart only. If anyone has any info or comments, please post! See about halfway down on...
  6. CB125 K5, charging, voltage regulation

    Electrical Discussion
    Hi, as winter has arrived, battery has been taken out from my bike. I had to add distilled water to my acid battery as electrolyte level was slightly below minimum. This has led me to concerns regarding charging problems (6V installation). My bike is not equipped with voltage regulator. There...
  7. Kick-Start Only Battery Suggestions

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey Guys, I've got a 71 CB 350 that im in the process of a resto/Cafe project. Im a bit confused on what is needed as far as minimum specifications for a battery to run the bike. I have removed the starter and all similar parts so its strictly kick start only bike. Because of this I do not...
  8. CB200 not chargin.Help

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello Everyone, Before posting this, I have read a bunch of the posts and replies on this forum regarding Honda CB200 charging, and still have not been abel to diagnose my charging problem. I have come to the conclusion that I am simply missing something, so I do appreciate any and all input...
  9. 1973 Cb350 battery- leaking acid, charge at high revs?

    Project Logs
    Hi folks! I can't suggest enough the importance of cleaning connections to troubleshoot charging system. Learned this on the side of the road a few weeks ago. That said, connections are very clean and I'm now am getting a healthy reading of 12.7 when I just turn bike off, 13.5-14 at 2000rpms...
  10. Battery Delete Discussion

    Electrical Issues
    I've been working on my first motorcycle project, and things are going well. I have a '72 Honda CB350K that I bought as basically a pile of parts, but is now running and starting to look like a real bike. The goal is to get a fun little around town brat, nothing too fancy. I'm far from this, but...
  11. CB200 New Battery Keeps Dying

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    All right... I'll try my best to paraphrase this situation. Just bought a 1973 CB200. I picked up a new battery at autozone, when the battery is fully charged and/or hooked to the battery tender the bike fires right up via electric start and idles around 2,800 RPMs. Then as soon as I take a spin...
  12. '69 CB350 with unknown run-ability problem--please help!

    Engine Discussion
    Hey all- I'm banging my head against the wall with my '69 CB350 project. The rundown: Got the bike for free and it sat for a few years in my garage. Had supposedly run 8 years ago... who knows. Replaced: stator/regulator (with Rick's Power Sports stator from Dime City Cycles), as the stock...
  13. 1973 Honda CB350 Charging system straight to the coils?

    Electrical Issues
    Hey guys! This is my first post and i bought my first bike CB350, and decided to make it a performance bike only, no lights no nothing. I was wondering if there is a no battery option. I read a few posts about bikes having battery alternators but i was wondering if it was possible to connect the...
  14. 1969 CB350 charging system voltage

    Electrical Discussion
    Hi, I just bought a 1969 CB350, and the PO said it was a 6V system. I'm not convinced that it is a 6V system, but I wanted to ask someone, and I knew the folks on here would know. Anybody?
  15. Battery suddenly quit charging. (NEW)

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey guys, I got my friends 1970 cb350 going and it ran perfect for about a week and here is what happened. ---Blinkers went from slow to fast and then just stayed on ---Battery quit charging. I DID find a torn brown wire coming from the ignition so I'm guessing that has something to do...
  16. '69 CL175 charging headache

    Electrical Discussion
    Hi there. I'm new to motorcycling and new to mechanics. Very very super green! I'm working on my first bike, a 1969 CL175 k0 that I got about 2 months ago. I put in a brand new, charged battery shortly after I bought the bike. But the charge refuses to hold. Right now, I'm mainly using the...
  17. EarthX Lithium Battery - 73 CB350

    Electrical Issues
    I recently acquired a new Li motorcycle battery made by EarthX and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with these. They have an internal processor that supposedly protects the cells from overcharging, among other things. I have been reading over all the previous posts here on HT...