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  1. Honda CD200 Roadmaster Project

    Project Logs
    Honda CD200 Roadmaster Rebuild/Restore Hi All, My name is Johan and I'm from South Africa. I've been riding motorcycles for almost 5 years now, but was recently intrigued by older motorcycles and the prospect of getting one that needs a little TLC and that I could possibly then restore. After...
  2. Noob, CD200 Benly 1985, Suffolk UK

    Member Introductions
    Not sure if 6 or 12v yet. Just purchased today. V5 doc still to come. Wanted one to ride like I did on my CD175 in the late 70s, with a kickstart and just looks like a motorcycle. It's so easy to wheel around, not top heavy like my Transalp.
  3. Honda CD-200Tb Roadmaster Workshop, Repair and Service manual Required.

    Manuals and Technical Documents
    Dear Friends, I am looking for the complete Workshop / Service / Repair Manual of Honda CD200Tb Roadmaster by Haynes or By Clymer. Model 1982-2004. I shall be grateful if some of my friend share it. Or any Download link. Best regards, Farooq. Pics for Bike Reference :) The Purple one is mine.
  4. New Member from South Africa

    Member Introductions
    I recently got ownership of a CD200 RoadMaster, I would like some advise on how to get it running, I have cleaned the carb and put in working spark plugs, The problem I now have is no spark to the plugs. I have removed the starter motor as it was not functional. The coil looks to be in good...