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  1. Mechanical Issues
    Hi all. CD200 wheels are getting a bit thin on the ground. I'm looking for the option of alternatives. I know already that hubs from the 125, 185, and CM variants are the same; but they too are in dwindling supply. Would a CG hub / wheel fit, would the sprocket line up and would I need spacers...
  2. Project Logs
    Hello yall!! This is the first time me posting anything here although I have read a lot of (i mean a lot) articles, especially project builds here prior to buying my to-be project bike. A lot of nice and helpful people here, Kudos to dat! So, away with the story.... To admit some things about...
  3. Engine Discussion
    Hello everyone. I need to know how to tuneup CD125 Twin motorcycle engine.Value clearance Adjustment,Carb tuning,point adjustment .... and so on..Please give me some Instructions Thank you very much..This is the the bike model..
  4. Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hey all, I'm thinking about buying an older project bike, and I came across a 1968 CD125 that looks pretty complete, but I'm having trouble deciphering the differences in model numbers between countries. Anyhow, it's a Canadian bike, and so far my Google searches for 'CD125' have mostly...
1-4 of 4 Results