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  1. 1976 CB500T

  2. CB500T cylinder head torque values

    Manuals and Technical Documents
    Hi folks, I don't think this inconsistency in the shop manual has been identified quite as directly as this before, though I am very surprised by this as many many people must have been very confused over the years and talked about it before, and its more likely my lousy searching - in which...
  3. new member( Randy Emmons ) pharkbright of orting wa

    Member Introductions
    hello , new here im from orting wa. I sometimes enjoy working on the bikes and sometimes I do it for reasons unbeknowings to me! this is my second cb360 bike (3rd motor) . most of the projects ive done start out with intentions of low budget low cost and it usually goes up from there. the...
  4. Help with identifying clamps please, CB500T

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    I have these 2 little clamps left over from my CB500T rebuild. Can anyone tell me where the were fitted - what did they do? The fixing hole in both is M6. Ill put them back where they are designed to go with a coat of paint if someone can help! thanks
  5. Oil Drain Plug - '75 CB500T - Help!

    Engine Discussion
    I am going through the process of tuning up a cb500t recently bought and I am having the worst time with the oil drain plug. At first it wouldnt budge, but after a trip to the store for a giant breaker bar and 19mm socket I was able to get the dang thing to move. Now it seems to be just...
  6. CB500T with VM32 Mikuni Carbs - Coughing/Spitting at 4000 rpms

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hey Guys, I've got a 1976 CB500T that I've been resto-modding. The bike has gone through a rebuild some time ago, and I'm finalizing the build by trying to dial in carbs. I've ridden the bike around town multiple times, the most recent ride started out great, then after a few miles I started...
  7. DGR 2017

    DGR 2017

  8. CB500T Front Fork Assembly

    Frame, Suspension and Steering
    Gurus, I have been doing some research on the fork threads here to see if I can find an answer to my question, but I am still ending up confused. I finally got around to taking the front fork assembly apart last night and found that one of the fork tubes is bent, so I'll need to replace it ...
  9. Left side header pipe for a CB500T

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Hello All, I am looking for an undented left side header pipe for a CB500T. I don;t care if it has a little rust (not rusted through obviously), because I plan on powder coating it. Does anyone have one they would be willing to sell by chance? Thanks much Bill
  10. CB500T Cam Chain Size

    Engine Discussion
    Gurus ... I am about to reassemble my engine and was doing a little research on the cam chain a couple days ago, when I cam across this comment in an old thread ... "Also make sure you are using the correct cam chain. The EK 219H chain will not fit right. You need to use the DID 219T chain."...
  11. Carb Cleaning - Sonic Wash or Vapor Blast? Near Chicago?

    Vendor Links
    Hey All ... Does anyone have a good recommendation for a good vendor who can sonic clean or vapor blast my carbs near Chicago? I live on the West side ... Thanks Bill
  12. CB500T Starter Sprocket Bearings?

    Engine Discussion
    Hello All ... I have been washing parts and reassembling my engine as of late and finally got around to the rotor assembly tonight ... on the 500T, the starter sprocket as roller bearings in it (Honda Part # 28110375000) Here is the CMSL link -...
  13. CB500T to CB450 Stator Swap?

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello All ... does anyone know if the CB450 stator is swapable for a CB500T stator? Thanks Bill
  14. CB500T - CB450 Stator Crossover?

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello Gang, Can any comment on whether the stators are interchangeable between the CB500T and CB450? Thanks Bill
  15. CB500T - To Custom Wire or not to Custom Wire??

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey Gurus, I am starting to think about custom wiring my CB500T build, however, I have never done it before and I am wondering how big of a sh*tshow I would be getting myself into if I try it ... as part of this "ambition" I am also thinking about running the wire inside the frame (you know ...
  16. CB500T - New Valves? Suggestions?

    Engine Discussion
    Guys, Has anyone bought new valves for their CB500T? If so, do you have any suggestions on where to go? I know David Silver Spares & Common Motor, just fishing for any other suggestions ... Thanks as always ... Bill
  17. Engine Casings Bead Blasted - CB500T

    Engine Discussion
    Gurus, Well, I just got my engine casings back from my coatings guy in Chicago and they look awesome! He glass bead blasted them and they sure look pretty ... my question is, they are pretty clean but I am wondering if I need to do anything to further clean them in prep for re-assembly ... I...
  18. CB500T - No Power - Mechanical Advance - Delete ???

    Electrical Discussion
    CB500T - Upon full throttle at speed just drops out completely bogs down like its out of gas or something but its getting fuel, checked plugs, carbs, jets, fuel , floats, asked all around and most seem to lean towards the mechanical advance. So I took a look, springs seem fine but i have no real...
  19. CB500T Crankshaft - Salvageable

    Engine Discussion
    Gurus ... Attached are a couple picks of my corroded crank shaft from my CB500T ... are these salvageable with this much corrosion? Are they worth salvaging? If so, how would you recommend doing it? I am tempted to just buy one on eBay, but thought I'd check in here first ... I've had them...
  20. Wanted: Clutch - Clutch Cable Interface

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    I need a few parts for my cb450. It would be great if someone out there had them; if not, could anyone point me in the right direction? I need: -front sprocket cover -Clutch lifter -adjuster -lever spring -fixing piece -cable joint and also exhaust headers and mufflers. I can't find them...