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cb500t cafe project 1975

  1. CB 500 T - New Project :)

    Project Logs
    Hello everyone, Recently picked up this CB 500 T, clean title with 7k original miles. The only thing that is missing are the bolts for the front brake caliper (if you know where I can find these, please let me know) and the right side cover. I got it started over the weekend and it sounds so...
  2. Hello from West Virginia

    Member Introductions
    We're not all toothless rednecks! Just finishing up my first build, a 75 CB500T, bobbed, frame detabbed, everything above the tank replaced with new(er in some cases), updated goods, shaved tank. It's a mix of bob, cafe, and rat (flat black and petina). Please note, I knew next to nothing about...
  3. CB500T conversion to a Cafe

    Project Logs
    This project started in summer 2013 and is not even close to done. The bike ran roughly and smoked some when I brought it home. It lacked power at the top end. I cleaned the carbs and added a Pamco ignition but the issues persisted to a lesser degree. The other issues were a high speed wobble...