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  1. Vapor Blasting Grit

    Engine Discussion
    Several months ago, I sent the top and bottom case for my '73 CB450 off to be vapor blasted (shout out to RestoCycle). The results are great and all my other parts have now arrived. However, while inspecting everything before beginning assembly I noticed something. I'm sure that the blaster...
  2. Black Bomber Crankshaft

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hi all, My bomber needs a new crankshaft, and it seems to be a huge pita to find! I posted on the looking for parts sub already, but I was wondering if anyone here might know where i could try to look for one, as ebay seems to be fairly thin right now. If only the later crankshaft could fit my...
  3. CB450 K0 crankshaft

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Hi all, I am in need of a 1966 cb450 k0 (black bomber) crankshaft assembly, which seems to be a pita to find:eek: only one I found so far was running $1,375 on ebay. A bit too much for me! Hoping someone here might have one or know someone or even where I could be looking for one! Many thanks, B
  4. So I am supposed to introduce myself

    Member Introductions
    Have a 1969 K1 (blue, looks same as 1968), a 1972 K5 in red, both restored (latter has very low mileage and mainly needed cosmetic, electrical and carb work ) and a 1976 CB500T which has low miles and needed no restoration, just a new battery and starter clutch. It does not vibrate! Handles...
  5. Honda cb450 lost in the wiring

    Electrical Issues
    Bought this bike awhile back with a seized engine. Swapped it out with and engine out of a cl but swapped the rotor and stator our of the cb. I’m lost on how to hook up all the engine wires. Sorry new to vintage motorcycles.
  6. Candy Gold

    Pictures and Videos
    By far my favorite Honda color. I've had this collection of NOS Candy Gold parts for my 1971 Honda CB450 sitting in my office for the past couple years. They each have their share of "shelf wear" but it will be a beautiful bike if I ever get the time to work on it. The parts came from the US...
  7. Project 450

    Project 450

  8. CB450


    I just couldn't stand seeing these MODERN twins on the front page any longer...
  9. WTB 1973 Honda CB450 Fork tubes

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Per description. I’m in Texas. Shipping to 78641
  10. Hello from a new rider in Canada!

    Member Introductions
    Hello! Just got my first motorcycle yesterday, and as its a 1984 Honda CB450SC, I figured it would be a good idea to make an account on here. Just a bit about me I guess, I’ve wanted a bike for the better part of 5 years now, and Im finally in a position where getting one was financially...
  11. CB450K6 Cluster Lighting Issues

    Electrical Discussion
    Hello, My 73 cb450's cluster does not light up. Anywhere I should check first? Headlights and turn signals are working fine but the dash does not light up when I'm turning/ neutral/high beam or any lighting behind the speedos. Thanks!
  12. Charging system only putting out 10volts.

    Electrical Discussion
    here goes. Recently got a 1973 CB450. Decided as with anything new to replace the battery. Then read about the common motor R/R and got that as well. Snipped out the original regulator tossed out the old rectifier and plugged the new one in and routed the black 12v from regulator harness to the...
  13. Wanted: Clutch - Clutch Cable Interface

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    I need a few parts for my cb450. It would be great if someone out there had them; if not, could anyone point me in the right direction? I need: -front sprocket cover -Clutch lifter -adjuster -lever spring -fixing piece -cable joint and also exhaust headers and mufflers. I can't find them...
  14. Riding with Justice, Test Drive his CB450

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Justice gets his 1972 Honda CB450 put back together after some serious engine problems and technical difficulties. He can't wait to take it for a Test Drive on a cold spring day.
  15. New member from SC

    Member Introductions
    Well, I'm new to the site I guess. I have a few bikes. As far as Honda twins go, I have a 1971 CB450 that I need to get back together, just lost motivation. I recently purchased a 1973 CL350, which is fun for around town. It ran poorly when I purchased. All I did was adjust the valves, swap...
  16. Get This Damn Thing on the Road Already!!

    Project Logs
    Alright, I need to get a log started before I loose track of what I'm going to be doing so here goes! But first a little history, Last 4th of July I picked myself up a fair condition 1973 CB450 k5 for 500 smacka'roos! Got the thing home and tinkered with it a but and got it to run! and that's...
  17. Ready to give up...

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    To whomever will listen... I have had a 1974 CB450 for 8 years and I have never gotten it to run right. When I first bought it I blew the original engine. I had a shop install a 500T. Then it would never run right. I could barely hit 65 to get on the highway... I've tried everything at this...
  18. 1974 Honda CB450

    Member Introductions
    Hey there, Last summer I got a 1974 Honda CB450 K7. I'm new to riding and wanted an older bike to learn to ride and to learn about bikes in general. Overall it's in pretty good shape. It ran well for most of the summer but now is in need of some work. Towards the end of last summer it...
  19. CB450 Compatibility?

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hey guys. I just bought a 73 CB450. The bike didnt come with the front fender and its hard to find a straight answer on which fenders will and will not fit when im searching around. If someone could help me out I would appreciate it. Thanks.
  20. Looking for a 73 CB450 Front Fender

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Just bought a 1973 CB450 and the seller didnt have the front fender. Looking to see if anyone would have one they would like to sell. Thanks.