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  1. New Member Introduction - Wil Robinson

    Member Introductions
    Hello Everybody, My name is William (Wil) Robinson and I am from Cinnaminson, NJ which is right across the bridge from Philadelphia. I am 22 years old and currently work as a support desk technician at a law firm in Center City Philadelphia. As soon as I turned 15 I bought a Tomos moped and...
  2. Looking For A New Stator! Honda CB Infamy.

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey everyone! I have a Honda CB400A. And lucky for me, my CDI unit went out. As you all know, the CDI units on these bikes are famous for going out. So I’m getting a new one. The only problem is that new CDI’s for this bike are incredibly hard to find. And IF you happen to stumble across one...
  3. Greetings from Orlando

    Member Introductions
    Hi everyone. A little over month ago I became the 3rd owner of a 1978 CB400A Hondamatic Hawk in Tahitian Red. It had +/- 4700 miles on the clock, but according to the seller, hadn't been started up since 1992. It had obviously been somewhat protected from the elements, because although it had...
  4. 1978 cb400a for sale

    Bikes For Sale
    Selling my Hondamatic. (Unless someone has a free working engine laying around? ;) Text the number in the link if you're interested.
  5. CB400A in the UK

    Project Logs
    Hello, I found this forum after Googling and finding steve9e posts. Now ive just acquired a CB400A, theres a couple of issues. It hasn't been on the road since 1999 and I have no motorbike licence. :D Heres what I know. DVLA says that it was manufactured in 1979, however it was imported in...
  6. Brent From Knoxville TN

    Member Introductions
    New to the forum found it by doing some research for my wife's 1978 CB 400A I am about to freshen up. The bike is a survivor and is in great shape but needs a few repairs.
  7. Wanted: CB400a carb body (Keihin VB24 A model carb. 28MM.

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Wanted: Carb body for CB400a Hondamatic. Keihin c VB24A, 28mm. Thank you. Jon
  8. Shadow 1100 Ace 1998, Great Cruiser (in addition to the CB400A). Opelika AL

    Bikes For Sale
    *SOLD* Honda Shadow 1100 Cruiser. You will look great on this bike! It gives you big bike power and cruising comfort that you are looking for to supplement your other fun bikes. 1998 American Classic Edition, VT1100C2-2. 17,000 miles. Second engine included. Opelika, AL. VIN...
  9. 78 CB400A Runs Idles Fine, Won't Shift Into Gear without Dieing

    Engine Discussion
    Hello, New to the forum, Names Brian. Northeast Ohio Lorain County Area, 28 Years Old DIY motorcycle enthusiast, Backyard mechanic no professional here but I do my best, Ive got a few motorcycles (74 cb500,71 Triumph Daytona 500,04 Suzuki DRZ400). I Rebuilt the top end of my cb500 and multiple...
  10. 1978 CB400A Hawk Hondamatic Exhaust

    Miscellaneous Discussion
    Hey I'm new to this site but figured I'd give it a try. I'm in the process of restoring my 1978 Honda CB400A and need to replace the exhaust. The mufflers are pretty rusted but maybe salvageable, and the power chamber needs to be replaced(I'm gonna see what I can do but its pretty rusty)...
  11. 1978 CB400A Tube Stem size

    Tires, Wheels, and Brakes
    Hello, Tires on bike were from mid 90s but looked like new, needed new ones. Got Dunlop K71 (3.50x19... bike calls for 3.60x19 but can't find those) for the front and Dunlop K80 (4.10x18) for the rear. Tube tires as my comstar rims do NOT mention being tubeless. I'm looking for tubes, I have...
  12. Hello from Queens, NY! New to riding, just bought a mint 1978 Hondamatic CB400A

    Member Introductions
    Hey everyone, My name is David and I'm new to this forum and new to riding a motorcycle in general. I figured a bike like the CB400A would be a great starter bike for me and bought one off of Craigslist for a great deal! If there are other Hondamatic owners in the area, please let me know! I...
  13. '78 CB400a - Project Step Up

    Project Logs
    Just a quick intro about this project I've undertaken. I came into a 1978 CB400a through a family member recently. It's been in a basement for at least the past 10 years and the odometer shows 850 miles. As the story goes, said family member acquired this bike plus a second identical bike from a...
  14. finding OEM rebuild kit for VB24A carburetor

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    My dad and I are working on a 1981 Cm400A recently bought a pair of VB24A carburetors to replace the original ones which were broke. I have been looking for a rebuild kit to go though the thing, and poking around here I have herd aftermarket ones may not have the right jet sizes or vary...
  15. CB400A Rough idling and stalling at idle... have to open throttle when stopped

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hello, I have very little mechanical savvy FYI. I just got this CB400A last month and it's having trouble idling, driving seems fine, but it is barely staying running and stalls at idle. I have to rev it up a little at idle and it's difficult with learning how to ride to have to worry about...
  16. 1978 Honda Hawk CB400A Hondamatic Owner's Manual (PDF)

    Manuals and Technical Documents
    I've been looking for a Owner's Manual for my 1978 CB400A for a long time now and I finally found it. I found this on a Yahoo! group in individual JPGs and combined into a PDF. MEGA link (PDF ~26MB):!65QSCRpR!OWeN_FMzw5X5Y272j3y9TOVJo_fdvS-4sdIgsSUKzAY Here is also an Imgur...
  17. 1978 CB400A TITLED IN Virginia 800

    Bikes For Sale
    Has many new parts rings m/c rebuild kit seat looks great tank is so so, electronics seem to be in good shape need it gone do not wish to scrap. If your local to pick up p/m me and I can send my number for pics and directions.
  18. New to this Forum Recently Purchased a CB400A

    Member Introductions
    Well I love motorcycle and I love bringing them back to life even more, Just picked up this 78 hondamatic, gonna clean her up somewhat more of a restoration until I decide to tear into her, Rolling her up onto the truck was pretty rough so I already see caliper rebuilds and master cylinder...
  19. 1978 Honda CB400A (Hondamatic) - Cental Iowa

    Bikes For Sale
    1978 CB400A ~10,000 miles bought this bike for my wife to learn on, but she's lost interest in riding. $800 cash firm. The only thing I might be interested in trading for is a low mileage DR650 in good condition. you pick it up, or you pay for shipping good stuff: Clean Iowa title in hand...
  20. cb400a 1978 revived

    Engine Discussion
    Picked up an old 78 cb400 automatic. Bike was on the wrong side of a garage for most of its life. Only 3,200 miles. Everything works! Some one changed out the carbs to 1980 which have a accelerator pump. Biggest issue was trying to alliviate air leaks, both on the exhaust and intake. I...