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    Mechanical Issues
    Wrong Forum, sorry. Posted in to the electrical on Honda CB360T
  2. New Member Introduction

    Member Introductions
    Folks, I guess I was supposed to introduce myself before submitting a first post...oops! Apologies! Anyway, Greg here. I'm a little NE of Sacramento, California. I've been mostly focused on building cars / trucks (51 Chevy 3100 p/u, 63 Chevy C10 p/u, 54 GMC 100 p/u, 64 Triumph TR-4) but was...
  3. Just Getting Started with CB360T

    Member Introductions
    Hey everybody, I'm Caleb from the Richmond, VA area. I've never been involved with motorcycles much, but have always wanted to be. I just recently received my wife's grandfather's CB360T. Looks to be in decent enough shape. My mother in law thinks there may have been a transmission problem...
  4. New to Honda Twins and a CB360 Project

    Member Introductions
    Greetings from Greensboro, North Carolina, USA. This is my first post, however I have been checking the site out since January when I purchased a long-neglected 1975 CB360T. I’m not really new to bikes, but have never tried a restoration before. This seems like the perfect challenge for...
  5. Hello... New Member with an electrical question

    Member Introductions
    I just purchased a 75 Honda CB360. It already has the starter removed. What size battery (Ah) is recommended for just a kick start, and mix of Halogen (front) and LED (rear)? Thanks!
  6. '76 CB360T Front Room Garage

    Project Logs
    Following on from my introduction - I thought I'd start keeping a log of the progress with my CB360T. I'm a complete beginner so any advice would be greatly received! I'm hopefully...
  7. Greetings from a bike virgin in Yorkshire UK

    Member Introductions
    Hi there! I've just bought a '76 cb360t originally from the US. I wanted a vintage honda for many years but it's never been the right time. Well now isn't the right time either but I've got it and couldn't be happier! I don't even have a garage at the mo, it's parked in the delapedated front...
  8. '76 CB360T Replacement Cam Chain Question

    Engine Discussion
    I'm in the middle of an engine build and am looking for educated opinions. It's a 1976 CB360T that never had the guide and slipper properly replaced (no punch marks on the engine serial number). Notice, I said properly replaced. They both broke at one point and rather than fish out the broken...
  9. 1975 Honda CB 360t Start To Finish

    Project Logs
    Hello Guys, been a frequent viewer of Honda Twins for the past 3 years and just wanted to take a little time to show the community what I have been working on. I really wanted to go for a cafe style build but thinking more about it I figured Id try and go for the most original, factory build I...
  10. 75 cb 360 wont keep charge runs poorly even with new rectifier and stator

    Electrical Discussion
    battery was dying so i tested my rec/stator and they were shot. replaced with ricks high output and new battery. it was running great and i was excited. had some good rides with the gang and a couple of meetings to get to that week and about 7 days later it was running poorly. also id like to...
  11. Add'l Loads Beyond Idle/Rev Kills CB360T

    Electrical Discussion
    Hey, so my 16 CB360T is running/idling just fine with kickstart, however, if I apply any additional electrical load (i.e. horn, either turn signal, high beam, electric starter) beyond headlight low-beam then the engine dies and I appear to have no electrical power at all. I cannot kickstart it...
  12. Hello good people

    Project Logs
    Honda Twins community, Whats up. I have recently acquired a 76' CB360T from my local machine shop for 300 dollars. It was last registered some 20 years ago and presumably sat since then. Its pretty horrid. The good news is the frame, tank and engine appear to be in great shape which lead me to...
  13. 1976 CB360T Fast Idle/Exhaust Popping after Warm

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Hi Honda Twins forum, I am having a little bit of issues with my CB360 with the original Keihin CV carbs. My bike starts on the first couple of cranks when cold and idles at around 1000 rpm and runs wonderfully through the whole throttle range. However after driving it for a bit (10-20 minutes...
  14. New Member from Southern California

    Member Introductions
    Hey all. I haven't ridden in approximately 10 years. I use to have a Honda Shadow, but have recently purchased a 1975 CB360T project bike that I am looking to build into a cafe racer / scrambler. It's currently in pieces, replacement parts ordered and the engine is out getting cleaned up. I...
  15. Clutch PLate Stopper Ring Missing

    Engine Discussion
    Hello Guru's ... As a few of you know, I've been having issues with my clutch since reassembling my '75 CB360T .... I have follow Steve's (66Sprint) instructions on clutch adjustment to the letter a number of times with no luck ... it was suggested that I take the clutch apart and inspect /...
  16. Hi from northern California!

    Member Introductions
    HI there, new to the forum. My son and i have been restoring a 1976 cb360t for a few months now and I've been poaching information from the forum and thought i t might be time to give something back. But before i do, lol, I'm in need of an answer. Regarding fork tubes... 360's vs 350's. Ive...
  17. Breaking News: Noob Pulls Carbs, Can't Figure Something Out

    Fuel Supply and Carburation
    Howdy, New here and hoping to get a little insight into what the hell I am exactly looking at. I pulled the carbs from my CB360T and noticed two things: 1) There are two "spouts" at the bottom of carbs by bowl but only one had a fuel line hooked to. The smaller one was left open on both carbs...
  18. Me and a CB360T out of Portland, OR

    Member Introductions
    Hey everyone. My name is Nancy. Long time listener, first time caller. I've used a ton of helpful information from these forums and as I delve deeper into my project I'd love to start posting and questioning all the moto smarties in here, since I'm very new to all this. I have a 75 CB360T that...
  19. CB360 Engine Making "Bad Noises" ...

    Engine Discussion
    Hey Gang ... The good news is that I finally have my 360 back together ... finished up the wiring last night and everything appears to be working properly (Thank you Nigel, Steve and Brenden from Common Motor ...) ... the bike cranks over nicely however, it now make a rather unsettling "metal...
  20. WTB: Airboxes

    Wanted Parts and Bikes
    Can't find a reasonably priced pair of stock airboxes for my 75 cb360T online and apparently I am in a motorcycle parts dead zone locally. Anybody have any they can live without?