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  1. Frame, Suspension and Steering
    Hey Guys. I purchased a 1975 Honda CB360T (K0 I believe) that has been pretty stripped and 'cafed' out by the previous owner (I know..sigh). Anyway, it currently has a Dime City Cycles sourced billet aluminum triple clamp that is devoid of handlebar receivers/risers or anywhere to put them...
  2. Project Logs
    I thought it would be cool to document my CB360 build now that I am finally getting into it. This is my first bike and my first build. The initial plan was to become a better rider last summer and then over the winter build it to be more of a cafe bike. Below is what the 1974 bike looked like...
  3. Bikes and Parts For sale
    I have a complete 1976 Cb360 that I can pull parts off and sell off. Contact me for specific inquires and details about certain parts. Everything is in good useable condition but the thing is DIRTY. It's a parts bike after all.... Send emails to [email protected] for fastest response. I...
1-3 of 3 Results